Are nintenod fans standards too low?

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User Info: NoJobBob

4 years ago#1
seriously....some people are so openly accepting of 360 like graphics for a "next gen console" and it disgusts me. Look at the Wii. It sold so much and it wasn't even in HD. They just have great first party games so they get away with terrible hardware/

User Info: geneticsftw

4 years ago#2
Yeah right on bobby

User Info: HeaderHog

4 years ago#3
We're cattle who like tasty grain that may look like crap. Not cattle who like awful grain that looks quite healthy.
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User Info: DiscostewSM

4 years ago#4
It can do more than the 360. Why? Because it's capable of doing stuff at launch that took the 360 6-7 years to accomplish. It'll get better in time. One reason why it is doing similar graphics now is mainly because of ports that are designed as such. - Lazer Light Studios - Home of the MM2 PTC project

User Info: Milox3

4 years ago#5
I'm more disgusted by the standards people have regarding shooters, buying the same thing over and over again.
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User Info: YamagishiD

4 years ago#6
I never really cared too much about raw graphical power. I mean, I think Animal Crossing looks nice because of the cute art style and colorful NPCs.

But let me ask this though. Why do people always go after Nintendo before Sony or Microsoft? Are they so insecure that they can't play a cute or colorful game for fear of catching the gay or something?

PS. This question isn't directed at anyone in particular.

User Info: Kiro_nami

4 years ago#7
What's a Nintenod?
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User Info: BurgerTime79

4 years ago#8
Too low? As opposed to what? Having "standards" that are set so high that you need to nitpick and compare screenshots of different versions of games in order to pick the "best" one. Then go to the board of the one you find is the lesser version and harass them?
No. Nintendo fan's standards aren't low. Anyone with enough common sense would just pick what they want to play and enjoy the entertainment for the hobby that it is.

Can we knock off these troll topics already?
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User Info: geneticsftw

4 years ago#9
Kiro_nami posted...
What's a Nintenod?

Whatever it is their fans have to low of standards

User Info: Buretsu

4 years ago#10
Just Nintenod, Nintensmile, and Nintenwalkaway.
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