Does general public even know what the WiiU is?

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User Info: OzzieArcane

4 years ago#41
knightimex posted...
Sailor Goon posted...
I've had people ask me when I tell them I have the system " is that a new Wii game?". I've had people think it's a portable system. I've heard others ask if it's a controller for Wii, or just a tablet.
EB Games in my area was actually asking every customer buying a wiiu game " are you sure you have a wiiu?"
Nintendo really needs to properly market this thing

It's time for you to move out of moron town.
People are not that dumb.

Stay in school kids.

You've never worked in retail. People are exceptionally dumb. People buy frozen turkeys on thanksgiving day thinking they're having it for dinner and harass gamestore employees over why they can't find Uncharted for the X-Box 360.
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User Info: wiiking96

4 years ago#42
GeminiX7 posted...
Most people I know(Gamers and non-gamers alike) think it's a revision of the Wii, or just an accessory. Hell, my boss(I work as a transporter at a hospital) thought my White Vita was a WiiU.

That doesn't count though, because my boss is a ******* moron.

Better hope he doesn't read that.
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