During what game did you say to yourself: wow this is next gen

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  3. During what game did you say to yourself: wow this is next gen

User Info: TheRealistKilla

5 years ago#1
i havent had the moment yet. closes i came was metroid in Nintendoland
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User Info: Evolician

5 years ago#3
http://i45.tinypic.com/6rknmg.gif http://i45.tinypic.com/25fq2vc.gif

User Info: ADHDguitar

5 years ago#4
The water effects in Nintendo Land are pretty smexy, but I don't think I've actually said that yet.
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User Info: iori3000

5 years ago#5
Virtua Fighter 3?
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User Info: teknic1200

5 years ago#6
I thought "wow this is bad ass" when I realized I hadn't paused darksiders in hours despite all the inventory management and map reviewing/fast traveling I done. pause menus need to go.
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User Info: EastCoastKody

5 years ago#7
spinning around with the gamepad......to see what was behind me in-game

User Info: STE573

5 years ago#8
Last game I did this for was Motorstorm for PS3.

I'd owned a 360 for like a year at this point but playing the absolutely sublime and frantic game that is the first Motorstorm, I fell in love. The game still stands up today as better looking, more stable and much more fun than a lot of games released since.
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User Info: MathewManson

5 years ago#10
Depends...which system?

N64: Super Mario 64.
360: Gears of War.

I've never said it for any other system as of yet.
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  3. During what game did you say to yourself: wow this is next gen

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