During what game did you say to yourself: wow this is next gen

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User Info: snowboard340

4 years ago#101
super mario rpg
super mario 64
gta san andreas
And nothing yet, since thee wii u hasn't had anything that makes me say "wow" yet.

User Info: trenken

4 years ago#102
Evolician posted...

Just got it from gamefly yesterday. I think I can name about 57 PS3 and 360 games that look far better than this.
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User Info: EGMRULZ

4 years ago#103
TheRealistKilla posted...
i havent had the moment yet. closes i came was metroid in Nintendoland

Heavy Rain and Halo3

User Info: greatersphere

4 years ago#104
GTA: Vice City
Star Ocean (original)
Gears Of War
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 4
Uncharted 3
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Dead Space
AC 1
Luigi's Mansion
RE 4
resident evil revelations
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Galaxy
Pokemon Crystal
Shadow Of The Colossus
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User Info: BluntGrunt

4 years ago#105
Super Mario World

Never again.

User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#106
The 1st game I bought with the ps2 was FFX... i was really impressed.
When i played mario world (when nintendo didnt suck at that time)
When I played Oblivion maxed on pc.

And now I'm playing farcry 3 and assassin's creed 3 maxed on pc, and its nowhere near any console out right now.since the next gens consoles gets out in 2013/2014.

User Info: MI2Dragon

4 years ago#107
Flower on PS3. No, really.
That's Numberwang!

User Info: Dark_Link92

4 years ago#108
In terms of the Wii U:
Admittedly nothing yet, but then I own 3 launch games, so I wouldn't expect to. I thought a lot of Nintendo Land's graphics were nice, but not outside the PS3's capability. I thought All-Stars Racing Transformed was impressive in that it maintained a solid framerate while displaying some pretty nice graphics. I think the first game that will truly wow me graphically will be Rayman Legends, because the demo is fantastic, and it can only improve.

In general: Probably either the jump between Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Ruby, or between Mario Party 3 and 5.
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User Info: nedrith

4 years ago#109
First game this gen: Nintendoland, the use of the gamepad + miiverse just immediately signaled something significant changing in the ways games are played..

First game previous gen, really hard to say. TBH from the PS2->PS3 era there wasn't much of a change, I think I would have to go with FFXIII.

PS2: FFX, Talking characters great graphics, it had everything.

with NES and SNES I never really thought about it.

User Info: Twenty0ne

4 years ago#110
SNES: Super Mario World
N64: Mario 64 and then OoT
Dreamcast: Soul Calibur and Sonic, I guess
Xbox: Halo and Amped Snowboarding
Ps3: Folklore
M's 2013
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