During what game did you say to yourself: wow this is next gen

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  3. During what game did you say to yourself: wow this is next gen

User Info: 759Silver

4 years ago#141
Playing five player Metroid Blast in HD. So awesome!
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User Info: xerofyre0

4 years ago#142
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User Info: HungoverHero777

4 years ago#143
slowbrosif posted...
Wii U isn't even next gen.

I wasn't aware today was April Fool's day...
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User Info: TechniMyoko

4 years ago#144
Probably next year when ps4 comes out

User Info: SplatterHouse55

4 years ago#145
Hmmm....The time I've thought "ohhh, this is next gen"

NES - Super Mario Bros.
Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog
PSX - Battle Arena Toshiden
DC - Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure
360 - Gears of War

Battle Arena Toshiden is practically unplayable now, but I remember badly wanting a PSX after seeing it displayed at a store. It really blew my mind at the time.

Soul Caibur and SA are really the last time that my mind was completely blown from new tech. Now, I have just come to expect graphics to be superb.

User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#146
Metroid in Nintendo Land and the graphics in Pikmin Adventure just made me experience it.

Just now.
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User Info: BakaIdiot

4 years ago#147
From a Graphic perspective, nothing beats Super Mario 64. From a gameplay perspective, Wii Sports.

User Info: phineasfool

4 years ago#148
Dragon's Lair in the arcades. You were able to control a cartoon. Sure it was limited control, but we didn't care back then.
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User Info: MicroOmegaMan

4 years ago#149
"Next gen" means very little, so let me answer the question as if you wanted to know when I thought the Wii U had proven itself as a concept to me; Trine 2.

It's like a big 'ol DS, and that's a beautiful thing.
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User Info: DrRM

4 years ago#150
like many of us that don't care about generation... I have no "oh this is next gen stuff" moment.

but I get really impressed with the pass from 2D to 3D, especially with Oot.

I remember the first time I play it and up to the end of it and maybe some year later I was like wow the world is so big. now I feel like I can have hyrule on the palm of my hand :D

But even when I still play the games on like 3 different forms, I still have memories of that giant world and young link :3
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