During what game did you say to yourself: wow this is next gen

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User Info: Newave

4 years ago#81
I never really felt it for the 8bit to 16bit gen change, so the first time for me was after the 16bit gen was over and we were moving onto the 32bit 3D gen with PlayStation, Saturn and N64. The release games for PlayStation made me feel the next gen was here and I was impressed, no specific game, just all of them combined, it was a huge leap forward back then.

The second time was with the move from the 32bit generation to the 128bit generation as it was called back then with Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, Xbox and then a second GameCube known more commonly as "Wii". My personal games that made me feel the next gen was here were MDK2 on Dreamcast and Armored Core 2 and Zone of the Enders on PS2.

Then finally this gen with Xbox 360, PS3 and now finally a third GameCube revision known more commonly as "Wii U" I felt it way back on early Xbox 360 titles, several of them, no specific one, much like the old 16bit to 32bit gen change there were too many that felt next gen enough that I can't really narrow it down.

What the upcoming generation will make me feel I don't yet know, we'll see when it arrives in a year or two, but hopefully it'll once again make it feel like we've come a long way from the current one.
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User Info: ExtremePSP

4 years ago#82
PS1 never impressed me TBH, I always thought the games looked like **** (except for crash bandicoot type of games)

I preferred 2d games
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User Info: RedOrion

4 years ago#83
For the 360 it was Gears of War, and that was a year after the 360's release. I'm sure it will be the same with the U.

User Info: DTY3

4 years ago#84
TiamatKiller posted...
squatch22 posted...
Linetrix posted...
Evolician posted...

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User Info: DarkAdonis123

4 years ago#85
On Wii U? None yet. So far it's mostly ports. I don't plan on ever getting rid of my Wii U, but I doubt I'll ever feel that way while playing a game on it.
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User Info: Panner

4 years ago#86
For me and the WiiU the thing that made me say omg was in ZombiU and first getting the scanner. I stood in the centre of my living room turning 360 degrees to scan the room in the game. Turning away from the TV and console to scan the back wall of the room where I was stood in the game. Never have I had that kind of immersion.
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User Info: tinfoil21

4 years ago#87
I honestly don't remember my "wow" moment this gen. But an answer I haven't seen yet was the Vita's AR. Sure, it wasn't implemented very well and it isn't the "newest" tech, but moving my Vita around the room while it tracked the position of the game was very neat. I was playing the Soccer Mini-Game, and I could have looked at the field at ANY angle. It was sorta cool.

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User Info: TalesRevenant

4 years ago#88
Metal Gear Solid 4 or Final Fantasy Xlll back in 2009/2010.

I can't believe how anyone would think that for a Wii U game, unless it's your first HD console.

User Info: notausername117

4 years ago#89
Metroid Prime on the GameCube. That was the biggest "the next gen is now" moment I've had.
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User Info: Kiro_nami

4 years ago#90
Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube.
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