REALLY let's do FACTS: nintendo, 3rd paries and wii u's bleak future

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User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

5 years ago#101
As far as third party support, who knows what the future holds? As of now though, it seems like the N has reached out to third parties in a big way, as most of googles most popular/searched for games of the year have actually appeared on the U, available at launch. Looks like someone has done there research, and secured some big name games. If this is an indication of things to come, then you should be excited for the potential for third party support for the console, atleast for the time being.
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User Info: grandabx

5 years ago#102
megax11 posted...
Grand, your collection is awfully small there, champ. It kinda... reaks of fanboyism... the "I can only afford certain systems thus not be a real gamer" type.

Now, this is a collection... my collection.

Now, that's how real gamers roll.

Now, people can see why I am an unbiased gamer. It's only the broke trolls who flood this forum with endless troll sessions, because they just mad they can't be real gamers... in my opinion.

However, I will say this. Out of the Wii U, PS3, and 360 launches, the Wii U stomped mudholes in the other two system launches I took part in.

Here is my Wii U launch haul -

Now that's more epic than even the Dreamcast launch I took part in back in 99.

For reference, here is my 360 launc day haul back in 2005 -

WOOOO! A whole whopping FIVE games. This is how you botch the launch of a console.

Now... look at my PS3 launch day haul -

SUPER, MEGA, HYPE, ULTRA, over 9000, 599 US dollars, fail. The system I paid the most for, only had ONE game worth getting at launch. That's worse than the original Xbox, which at least gave me 2 good games to come home with.

PS3 = MEGA botched launch.

Yeah... all in my opinion, but... yeah...

you obviously have problems reading. that was SOME of what i have. i was cleaning at the time and decided to take pictures of what was out. i'm not taking everything out. that's too much effort. once again i buy what i LIKE. i don't do STUPID things like buy a console based on the promises of a company. i couldn't care less about a company. as long as they're giving me what i want, i support. i can buy games any time i feel like it.

User Info: Darkshowers

5 years ago#103
Jdci posted...

All companies are here to make a profit -FACT
Nintendo sold the most, and make the most profit. -FACT

End Topic -FACT.

Stop being such a poor bastard and just buy everything.
It's easier and a lot more fun.
I own evrything except a Vita, and believe me, these topics just scream "I;m poor!, I can't afford a new console!' , oh and yes, I do live alone, have full time job, and pay for everything myself.

The huge problem with this is if you buy all consoles, do you have the time and money to play all the great games on every console this gen?? Unless you have no life and all you do is game, it's difficult to get the most value out of every good game on 3 consoles and 2 handhelds.

Personally, the 360 is the only console I own and I have gotten more than my money's worth over the past 8 years or so because I focused on playing 360 games arcade and retail and nothing else. The money wasn't the issue because I have a good job but getting the most value out of a console is pretty important.

User Info: kdognumba1

5 years ago#104
1. for three generations, nintendo has been severely lacking in 3rd party support - Fact
False, Wii had a ton of 3rd party support, unfortunately, most of it was bad 3rd party support however Nintendo handhelds have had incredible 3rd party support.

2. supporters for nintendo have said that nintendo's innovation would shine through the absence of 3rd party support - Fact
"Supporters" or rather fanboys (and trolls) say all sorts of things, no matter what company we're talking about.

3. nintendo hasn't shown SOFTWARE that is revolutionary in over a decade. they've been milking the same three franchises by throwing familiar names in their titles or just plainly xeroxing - Fact
Completely false. DS and Wii have permanently changed the playing fields for the type of games that are out there. If it wasn't for games like Nintendogs, Brain Age, and Wii Sports we would of never seen casual gaming become as big as it has and never would even imagined seeing "social media" gaming, the kinect or smart phone gaming.

To take it a step further, outside of the casual stuff, Nintendo was the only console company that both brought back lots of old IP (such as Punchout, the Excite series, Sin and Punishment, Kid Icarus, Kirby's Dreamland) and invented new IP (such as Dillon's Rolling Western, Pushmo, Xenoblade, Denpa Men, Endless Ocean). As a gamer, I was very disappointed to not see Microsoft use Rare's many awesome IP's on 360 and even more disappointed to not see many of the awesome series's that I played and enjoyed on PS1 and PS2 from Sony on PS3 (such as Cool Boarders, Jet Moto, Jumping Flash, Dark Cloud, Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms, Lemmings).

4. software developers want technology that pushes their imaginations to the limits and nintendo continues to give them only what THEY want tech-wise - Fact
Absolutely wrong. Kinect, PS Move, 3D Screens, Vita's back touch pad all do this yet most developers won't use any of these. Developers want to use familiar but more powerful hardware, that's it.

5. ps3 and 360 have 140 million plus combined consoles sold along with 10's of millions of pc gamers shows that the wii u is NOT needed to create profit - Fact
First off, don't get it twisted. There are WAY more PC gamers then PS3 and 360 users combined. Second last time I checked, Wii U was made by Nintendo and was not created to profit neither Microsoft nor Sony.

6. 3rd party games sell a lot worse on nintendo consoles - Fact
I would say this is a fact but it really depends on the game. Just Dance for instance sells drastically better on Nintendo systems. Granted its not my kind of game however it IS a 3rd party game.

7. most 3rd parties are avoiding the wii u at this current time because of installed base, risk of bad sales and a lack of a real incentive - Fact
This is very incorrect. Third parties are doing 1 of 2 things with this system. They're either A already making games or B not interested in making games on a Nintendo platform. I don't think you'll find a company out there that is scared of the system not getting an install base.

I'd also like to recommend, instead of taking pictures of your collection, make a backloggery.
backloggery: twitch:
3DS: 1676-3698-5986 PSN: jotaroxtreme NID/XBL: kdog254 Steam: kdognumba1
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