For Christmas I got

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User Info: Jonbazookaboz

4 years ago#31
wingo84 posted...
I got Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey... best gaming drink

Snap. Cheers
"If PAC-MAN had affected us kids, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music!"

User Info: Homie_202

4 years ago#32
SubZeroChief23 posted...
Return and get a better system like a 360, PS3, or Vita.

At this point it baffles me why someone would buy a ps3 or 360 that's doesnt already have one since the next Xbox and ps4 are more then likely coming out in a year.

User Info: FewButCrazy

4 years ago#33
I bought myself...

A Wii U Deluxe Bundle (A month early)
Call of Duty BO2 (40)
Trine 2 (16)
Little Inferno (10)

(XBLA Sale)
Fez (5)
Joe Danger 2 (5)
Walking Dead 1-5 (10)

Retro City Rampage(10)

Humble Bundles 7 ang THQ

I got 70 in cash.
I also got a $50 gift card to the movies.
No idea what to see. Suggestions?
PSN = QuesoTomorokoshi
Gamertag = Tomorokoshi
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