What's the U stand for in Wii U?

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User Info: CapnStanky

4 years ago#71
abbeldydoo posted...
CapnStanky posted...

Its beating 360 by double and PS3 by triple for their respective launches so i would say "unsold" just is not accurate.1.8 million so far and thats not even after christmas sales.

Umad is about right.

The major difference being the 360 sold out at launch, and the pathetic Wii U is sitting on shelves collecting dust.
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User Info: Kano92

4 years ago#72
Dreamcast had a huge launch, but look what happened to them. Big launches don't mean crap.
Dust collecting Wii's sold more consoles but don't mean nothing,
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User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#73
drothegreat0ne posted...
U are ignoring 6 message(s) from users on this page - something nobody gives a f*** about.

Awww, well that's a bummer! =(
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User Info: Boge

4 years ago#74
abbeldydoo posted...
Boge posted...
The U represents the dip in Nintendo sales after making another outdated console.

Its actually selling quite nicely.Beating out 360 by double and PS3 by triple for their respective launches.1.8 million so far and thats not counting after Christmas sales.

Unfortunately, the sales of the system doesn't matter since Nintendo is losing money on the system. They can only make it up with software and accessory sales.

By all means, I'm a Nintendo fan, but until they actually put out some next gen hardware, I think gamers will watch them in their rear view mirror once the PS4 and next Xbox come out.
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