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User Info: RajakaiTheBeast

4 years ago#51
ReyMilansteryo posted...
I was soo excited for that game, but ended up the worst zelda game i played ( i liked TP better so sue me), clunky controls, lame dungeons,overworld meh, fi..., and didnt liked the romance between link.and zelda executed.

O yeah and Groose is friggin overated

TP =Toilet Paper
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#52
I really dislike how tp gets so much hate it may not have been revolutionary but honestly that was the whole point it wasn't trying to be.
At least tp didn't claim to be new but it wasn't. Unlike ss and serval others.

And imo i'd rather have no change at all then changes for the worse.
Before someone claims the zelda cycle on me i can prove i stated tp was my favorite zelda game before this game came out.

I believe in the zelda cycle but there are exceptions. Hell ss proves that half of the people say it's good according to the zelda cycle EVERYONE would say it's bad.

My theory is the zelda cycle doesn't apply to prequels. Seriously when was oot's cycle of hatred,or alttp,or minish cap?

As far i know each of those games were always hailed as good.
Sure people like endgame call oot bad but the zelda cycle is supposedly everyone or at least a wide majority.
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User Info: MiraiLink

4 years ago#53
dart246 posted...
Lord_Valkire posted...
dart246 posted...
It's just ridiculous IMO. I literally snapped the disc in half I was getting so frustrated with being treated like a 10 y/o.

As much as I personally haven't enjoyed the game much, reading this made me realize you're full of crap

Nobody does that unless you have problems, or you're trolling.

Take your pick son

Or you have high disposable income and $50 is a joke, so it would be no different if I put it in the trash, where I personally feel it belongs, or if I just broke it and got more entertainment from it than from the actual game.

Or you have rage issues.
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User Info: SoleilArclion

4 years ago#54
It was a good game, but an awful Zelda.

User Info: Icecreamdunwich

4 years ago#55
Again, Skyward Sword is easily the worst Zelda title other than the CDi games. This isn't a "oh Zelda cycle hahahah!" thing, it's an actual "this game is the worst in its series" moment. Nintendo really needs to gut Aonuma's group and start fresh.

User Info: BoosterBurst

4 years ago#56
SoleilArclion posted...
It was a good game, but an awful Zelda.

awful game and awful Zelda

User Info: libatako

4 years ago#57
I kinda agree with dart on this one....controls were really hit or miss on this one. There was a time when Zelda games were......challenging, but clearly after playing SS...that doesn't apply anymore.
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User Info: Icecreamdunwich

4 years ago#58
Yep, still wondering why they decided 8 directional slashes = innovative swordplay.

User Info: PrinceOfHot

4 years ago#59
i know its so horrible. the parts where you have to swing the sword and try to think? What is nintendo, a bunch of evil monkeys? :(

User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
4 years ago#60
PrinceOfHot posted...
i know its so horrible. the parts where you have to swing the sword and try to think? What is nintendo, a bunch of evil monkeys? :(

You don't get to think, though.

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