I find it perplexing when people use the argument "the 3DS will keep Nintendo...

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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#101
Boy, I wish my costliest mistake ever was something that was generating millions within 6 months.
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User Info: crunchb3rry

4 years ago#102
I don't even know anybody that owned anything from them post-DS Lite.
People I know who are parents all have kids that wanted a Vita from Santa, not a 3DS. I know a lot of people that had a Wii. Key word being "had."

User Info: Me32415

4 years ago#103
WiiU only needs to sell one game to be profitable, so im pretty sure they'll be fine

User Info: thereallawrence

4 years ago#104
TC: If this was a year ago, your argument might hold water. But it's not. Time has passed, as time often does. Now the 3DS is widely considered a success and, by any measure, is generating tons of profit for Nintendo. Just in the past three months alone, 5 or 6 of my friends who are casual-ish gamers have gotten units.

User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#105
kissdadookie posted...
How pathetic are you?


There's a source! Now, let's read this thing...

Touch! Nintendo

WTF? Hang on...cat, Iwata, twins, skydivers, kids, timeline...ah, here we are: Financial Review.

Net sales: $4,899,130; net income: $316,134. Okay, so far, so good.

As a result [of software sales], consolidated net sales in Fiscal 2004 were $4,899 million. Gross margin was $1,977 million. The gross margin ration increased by 2% compared with the previous fiscal year to 40%. Selling, general and administrative expenses amounted to $927 million. Operating income was $1,050 million. The operating income ratio increased by 2% compared with the previous fiscal year to 21%. Interest income was $86 million, while foreign exchange loss was $646 million affected by Japanese yen appreciation. Due to such factors, net income was $316 million. The net income ratio decreased by 7% compared with the previous fiscal year to 6%.

Okay, so now I know that their total administrative expenses were $927 million, and their total foreign exchange loss was $646 million. It also seems as though they had the same problem with yen that they have now. Funny - you'd almost think as though they're - *gasp* - used to this. Anyway, let's go on to find GameCube profits and what part of those expenses were caused by their handhelds...

...cash flow, financial position, common stock activity, risk factors, report of independent auditor, consolidation, consolidation, consolidation, directory, black, white...

Huh. That's weird. Nothing about how the GameCube and GameBoy Advance affected their income and expenses independently. Well, maybe if we go back to 2003...

Okay, Odd does not look 49. Maybe 69, but not 69. Moving on...

Aww - there're some kids notes in here!

And pictures of their products! Okay, Nintendo - I think your investors are going to know what products you sell. Then again, these are the same investors who, eight years later, said you should produce Angry Birds-like games for iOS, so...maybe not.

There's the timeline, and here's the actual financial information. Okay. Time to see this proof of yours. Oh - here's something:

However, effected by the impact of price cuts on hardware initiated by the Company's competitors, NINTENDO GAMECUBE hardware resulted in a slowdown in sales.

As a result, consolidated net sales in Fiscal 2003 were $4,198 million. Gross margin was...

Nope - nevermind.

And here we have the cashflow, five-year summary, consolidation, a directory, and all sorts of other information that has nothing to do with proving your point.

Perhaps you should try again? Maybe you could start with the Nintendo 64 this time - I mean, after all, even if you could find proof that Nintendo had more money in non-handheld-related expenses than they made in console income for one year, unless you could find that for every year, or, at least, enough to bankrupt them, you still wouldn't have proof.

I might add that, even if you do manage to prove that Nintendo would've lost money without their portables, you still have to prove that they're bankrupt. And even then, you still also have to present a logical argument as to why Nintendo cannot take a $500 million loss, or even a $1 billion loss, each year and stay afloat for the next five years (post number 57 in this topic), when they have over $20 billion in assets.
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User Info: drothegreat0ne

4 years ago#106
Kiss just took a dookie on himself
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User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

4 years ago#107
Yeesh, The things I come home to...

'Kay, here's the article that I and it would seem others were to lazy to post:


And in case you're to busy laughing to actually read...

"enough for it to take a 20 billion Yen loss (£163/$257 million) every year until 2052. Then there's almost 469 billion Yen (£3.8/$6.0 billion) held in premises, equipment and investments. When that runs out - we're in the year 2075 by this point "

In other words, they could continue to bleed money 'till 2075 and still be 'round and kicking.

Also, note that I never said that they don't care that they're losing money, just that they apparently have enough money to not care... I mean, of course they care... They want to make as much money as humanely possible for as long as possible... Believe it or not, I ain't an idiot.
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User Info: kuroi

4 years ago#108
Nintendo will do just fine so long a they can stay near the direction of the industry. Hopefully the 3DS will see the widespread 3rd party support that the DS did. The numbers for the system are already better than the original.

AceAndJunpei posted...
LMAO @ Phange failing just as hard here as he always did on the PS3 board.

It's sad he's not man enough to address the link that blows his whole topic out of the water.

Typical uneducated Sony fans, we can't expect any better from the bro-gamer union.

He got laughed out of LUE as well. He made an account bet saying Obama would lose the election because it was a "close" race, after changing his opinion multiple times on which election projection model was superior. Of course, each of his preferred models turned out to be "biased" once they stopped favoring Romney. He moved the goal posts from "Obama will lose" to "if Obama loses the popular election." About a week from the election he called the bet off when the numbers were completely out of his favor and a Romney victory would have been a statistical anomaly.

That said, his game system topics on LUE were quite similar to this one. Make a statement based on half truths or lies, rile everyone up, then pretty much abandon the topic. Then a week later he will rant about how much he loves his product from said company. It's quite funny, really.

He's just looking to get his jollies. He loves his 3DS XL, but he won't miss an opportunity to lash out at Nintendo (or to get a response from their fans).

User Info: Hustler Nine

Hustler Nine
4 years ago#109
Nintendo handhelds will always save their asses. Even in very tough times like GameCube, the GBA save their asses as GB Color did prior to it.

So the truth is no matter how bad their home consoles are doing, their handhelds will save them...always!

Sad, but a fact!
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User Info: PyjamaHero

4 years ago#110
I've yet to read a topic on this board, troll, NDF or otherwise, that has well thought out points or compelling arguments. The posters are so far out of their depth when it comes to big business their points and "supporting evidence" is laugh out loud funny and a blast to read. Keep up the good work kids.
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