Really not liking ZombiU at all. Worth continuing?

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User Info: x2link777

4 years ago#41
drothegreat0ne posted...

And yet you want to use an overhyped game as well.

Couple of key differences make your post null. first and foremost, I'm not attacking anyone who doesn't like a game, for not liking it. Second, no, Amnesia is not overhyped. And it IS objectively a better horror game than ZombiU..

Mattatron42 posted...

it's about 10-15 hours. I've enjoyed the game so far. it is very difficult to beat on survivor mode, and despite what others say it is not full of gamebreaking glitches and if you're hitting zombies 10 times with your bat you aren't doing it right. with that said it is a slow paced game and if you're looking for an action game or a shooter look elsewhere

I finished my playthrough in a little over 9 hours, so 10 hours looks about right, more if you really take your time. That said, while you are right and its not "full" of them, there ARE in fact a number of game breaking glitches, with documented evidence. As for the "hitting zombies 10 times" I know its hyperbole saying 10, but the truth is, you WILL be hitting most zombies at least 4-5 times. Saying otherwise is flat out lying. Lastly, you guys REALLY need to get some new material, its REALLY tiresome by now the constant "lol is no a action game" crap. Really, it is. I'm sure most people, like me, were not wanting just "some dumb action game" like you guys wish. We wanted a good horror-survival game. ZombiU just isn't.
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  3. Really not liking ZombiU at all. Worth continuing?

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