Name one flaw the Wii U has.

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User Info: ninto55

4 years ago#101
NeojianX posted...
The only one I can actually see (but I don't own one) is that the placement of the analog nubs on the Tablet seem off. They should be under the D-pad and buttons and not over them.

I'm not trolling, because what made me come to that conclusion was trying to imagine playing Xenoblade with that set-up using the WiiUTablet.

I'm a Pinball Wizard and even my crazy flipper fingers could not deal with that. : )

Actually, the analog sticks feel great and my hands just naturally rest on them. I'm on the WiiU right now, and while reading, my thumbs naturally rest on the sticks.

My biggest complaint is Wii and VC integration. Having to open the Wii menu, and I can't play VC on the gamepad. I got the Wii on Christmas, and I've enjoyed playing the Pikmin or Donkey Kong games by myself while the TV is in use.

Maybe they'll fix this in an update, it'd be so easy.
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User Info: warior55

4 years ago#102
kyomagi posted...
no games
Shoddy ports
under powered

Halo 4

User Info: xspike

4 years ago#103
it doesn't have a cup holder on the gamepad.

User Info: DrRM

4 years ago#104
jmichaelbp posted...
It doesn't hug me

and I don't have one.

those are serious flaws :3
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User Info: odcrl001

4 years ago#105
Not powerful enough = no games it seems for now
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User Info: csalvi42

4 years ago#106
no music app like the 3ds. Seems like an obvious mistep and I expect them to fix this within the first year.
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User Info: dreamstealer111

4 years ago#107
made by nintendo

User Info: redluigi11

4 years ago#108
GrandSupremeGod posted...
The Gamepad has short battery life

plug it in or buy a battery booster
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User Info: zzamaro

4 years ago#109
Just one?
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User Info: grendelnargent

4 years ago#110
it was released too early, it should have been release in 2013 when it had better game for it
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