Name one flaw the Wii U has.

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User Info: shdwdrgnix

4 years ago#121
the question would be better if it asked what isn't a flaw.

User Info: Trailblazer34

4 years ago#122
region locking

User Info: TricksterHuaun

4 years ago#123
This is a quote. There, you can go now.

User Info: Matamori

4 years ago#124
Loading takes too long.
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User Info: Squished_Mario

4 years ago#125
Hi I'm in your thread.

-It bricks itself during update installation during power outages

-No voice chat for online gaming

-Nintendo ID stuck forever to one console

-No universal eshop

-SLOW ass loading times

-Freezing problem on most games common ( could be OS or wifi related )

-Might have to purchase multiple types of controllers depending on the game

-Ports have a lot of issues

I won't mention that the console is "weak" because we knew that was obviously going to happen, and that doesn't necessarily make a console bad. I personally am happy with the graphics. But a lot of the issues are inexcusable. Another point to make is the price of the console...the reason it is at that $350 is because of that damn tablet. While it has potential, most of the games out ( at the moment ) would be better enjoyed on standard controllers on the other consoles. I had to buy a pro controller for Sonic Racing...try playing that with motion controls, especially the boating parts.
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User Info: Gnomestone

4 years ago#126
No games that interest me now which is why I haven't bought one. I will wait for good games to come out like Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin 3.

The Multiplats have been out on other systems for a long time so they really don't count.

User Info: paleselan

4 years ago#127
Load times are a little unbearable.

User Info: Grandfishar

4 years ago#128
You can't play games with two players when using the game pad (the tablet controller), you can't even buy a second controller and even if you could (or if the one you have breaks) it costs $150+ to buy/replace.

Seems like a pretty big flaw to me. If I wanted to play with just regular controllers, I'd stick with my xbox.
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User Info: Akaimizu

4 years ago#129
Soeroah posted...
For me there are a few.

1) No Flash support. I get HTML5 is replacing Flash, but unless all the websites currently using Flash get automatically switched over to HTML5 or however it works, there will be websites the Wii U can't display.

Blame Adobe for that. Adobe is no longer supporting anything outside of PCs/Macs for Flash. They're officially dropping support for the rest. Which is not a surprise, they've never been able to maintain support for consoles up to this time. Every console that supported flash, in the past, can't run most flash sites now due to lack of updates. Adobe's decision sealed the deal. They have to use HTML5 now. Adobe is the one that eventually sealed the standard.

3) Digital distribution backwards compatibility. Nintendo wants people to switch to digital gaming? That's fair enough. I'd like to be sure I can move all my digitally purchased games from the Wii U to the next generation system or another Wii U if I need to, though, and from what I understand so far it doesn't look like that will be the case.

I still agree that Nintendo still has a bit of work to do with their account system/digital model. On the other hand, they've been pretty good about allowing you to move your content to the next generation console. So far, they've been very good about doing so since the DSi. I actually have games which I transferred from DSi to 3DS as well as games from Wii to Wii U (including DLC). I still have the beef that they have console-locked digital content and not account-based at this time, so transfers need some official Nintendo program to move content around and can only be done with everything at once (wiping the previous data on the destination console). At least giving players the option of transferring a single application or game with their save data would at least be a start. This would at least allow the user to choose which of their systems they can play a purchase on after they made their initial purchase.
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User Info: BroadwayGPU

4 years ago#130
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