Name one flaw the Wii U has.

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User Info: super_luigi16

5 years ago#41
GrandSupremeGod posted...
The Gamepad has short battery life

^This. GamePad lasts around three hours, tops.

stekim40 posted...
Wii emulation mode is very very poor and Wii games are very blurry :(

Really? Which game? I've been told by others that games they've played (mostly Mario Kart Wii) have looked great. =/
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User Info: LoveSheep

5 years ago#42
It is a young console with few games but as it ages it will get games.

No serious flaws.

Only real question is how reliable? After last gen with RROD and its inbred Sony cousin YLOD it is the most important question.

Answer will be available in a couple years.
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User Info: PaperDolphin

5 years ago#43
the Pro controller doesn't work on all games
Doesn't upscale Wii games
Can't play VC or Wii games on gamepad

Other than that, it's amazing
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User Info: Phange_2

5 years ago#44
The main OS is absolutely too slow. To the point of being somewhat comical.
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User Info: Jellitoe

5 years ago#45
No Zelda... yet
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User Info: sonic777

5 years ago#46
squatch22, Buretsu, darkjedilink, GoombaX and StickMen posted

It's just too... damn... PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111!!

User Info: Zato Infinite

Zato Infinite
5 years ago#47
My only reason for not buying one yet is because I want a whole lot more third party games to be announced first.

User Info: Exilious

5 years ago#48
Lack of sufficient hardware for the start of the true next generation.
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User Info: GrayFox2510

5 years ago#49
DarkAdonis123 posted...
NeojianX posted...
The NA 60gb PS3 was the greatest Gaming system ever made.

I bought my 60 gb PS3 at launch Nov 2006. It YLOD on me Feb 2010. The greatest gaming system ever made shouldn't have died on me 3 years and 3 months after I bought it.

I always wonder what happens to make a system die like that. If it's just pure luck, or if the end user did something (or lack of doing something to prevent a problem).

A friend's original 60 GB PS3 also died in like 3 years. But mine (it's the 80 GB one, but still from launch) is still working perfectly fine. I've been on a gaming spree on it these past few days too!

...I'm deviating a bit from the point of this post, aren't I? Oh well.
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User Info: krillens

5 years ago#50
its graphics are so far the same if not worse than the ps3/xbox

the menu is slow

it doesnt upscale Wii games (probably the biggest flaw)

it doesnt play blurays

the pro controller doesnt work for all games (pretty pissed when i spent $100 for 2, only to find out they were worthless for mario, which is the only game i play)

only 1 good exclusive at launch

where are the HD oldschool games on the eshop? nintendo would get a crapload of my money if they just did simple stuff such as port up mario, metroid, etc on the shop in HD
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