If Nintendo is so inferior, how come it's outselling the competition?

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User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

4 years ago#141
Sharky8 posted...
If Nintendo is so inferior, how come it's outselling the competition?

It's inferior from a technological standpoint. Well, not right this minute, but once the other guys get their new consoles released, the Wii U will be inferior then. You can't fairly compare a next-gen console like the Wii U with current gen consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3. Off course people are going to flock to the newer one. But what happens when the PS4 and Xbox 720 are released? They're going to sell faster than the Wii U, and the Wii U will be looked at like the Wii currently is compared to the 360 and PS3.

As it is now, the Wii U is superior to everything out there at present. But once the other two guys get their next gen consoles out, the only thing that will save the Wii U from them will be the games that the Wii U gets. Which wont be a problem with characters like Mario and Link. If Nintendo does anything right, it's definitely their games.

Hopefully for Nintendo's sake, Sony and Microsoft are just over-hyping their new consoles and that they'll end up being SLIGHTLY better than the Wii U. Honestly, aside from going full Virtual Reality, or making devices that let you actually let you smell and feel the environment your character is walking around in, I personally don't think graphics can become any better than they currently are. The next step would be to make characters that look EXACTLY like a human looks outside of the game.

In conclusion, the Wii U is not a terrible console. Nintendo did a lot of things right with it. But will it be enough to compete with the 720 and PS4? Nintendo has to hope that Sony and Microsoft haven't figured out how to make games look better than they currently do. If they're only slightly better than the current consoles, Nintendo has a chance, because barely better for the PS4 and 720 wont be enough to shut the Wii U down. They have to be better by a huge margin.
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User Info: oboro9

4 years ago#142
Panner posted...
Icecreamdunwich posted...
From: Sharky8 | #005
And, of course, the Nintendo DS is now the best selling video game system in the history of video game systems. It just surpassed the PS2.

So if Nintendo sucks so much, how come everything listed in the original post has defeated its competition?

Not true, the PS2 is still the highest selling, DS has 4 million to go.

Not True.


Actually that's not true. Gamepodunk is reiterating an article based on VGcharts numbers. VGcharts as well as the NPD stopped tracking sales on the PS2.


Sony's fiscal report which ended in march 2012 for 2011 had higher ps2 numbers than what vg charts is reporting.

User Info: McMarbles

4 years ago#143
Sharky8 posted...
The Wii has outsold the PS3 and Xbox 360.
The DS has outsold the PSP.
The 3DS is outselling the Vita.
The Wii U is outselling Sony and Microsoft because they haven't even released a new console.

So if Nintendo is so technologically inferior, how come they keep winning? People love Nintendo; that's why they buy it instead of Sony or Microsoft.

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User Info: BlackOrigamiSun

4 years ago#144
Justin Bieber sold more than Muse.
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