New Wii U Mario game revealed

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User Info: bisonyesyes

4 years ago#1
Hi, I have a friend who works at Nintendo. He says that they're making a new Mario game for Wii U! Apparently, if you have friends who work at video game companies, whatever they say will be true about video games!

User Info: kinglink13

4 years ago#2
I also heard Zelda Wii U is in development.
Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft = Epic

User Info: DarkAdonis123

4 years ago#3
This isn't news. We all know a new Mario game is coming. Did this friend give you anything specific? That's like me saying I heard Smash Bros U is in development.
If Platinum was HAND drawn, she'd be on paper, fool. This is a video game. They just made her on screen, no "drawing" involved -Delano7 on BlazBlue
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