I finally got my Wii U back!

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User Info: hyruler461

4 years ago#21
Leo_Blaken posted...
DSdude19 posted...
Leo_Blaken posted...
Nikra posted...
Leo_Blaken posted...
I'm still having the god damm freezing >_> and my console has the last update <_<

Did you try change the way your Wii U is placed (horizontal/vertical)? I've heard that it helps. Don't know if it's true, but it's worth a try.

I actually will try to change it at the store that I bought it or getting a 3DS and bought another one when all the issues are fixed...

If it continues to freeze, you'll have to send it in for repair (or a new one). Fortunately, Nintendo makes it very easy to do. They pay for the shipping both ways and all repair fees (the invoice I got showed $175 that was under warranty)

Well not for Mexico! (we also buy games Nintendo!) I bought the Wii U in the US (It's a loooot cheaper) so my only choice is to make another trip and change it.

D: sucks but I can wait until they fix the issues because I really liked the console.

What are you doing when it freezes? I heard in Nintendoland you should change the demographic settings or whatever to NA only.

User Info: Leo_Blaken

4 years ago#22
I did that
Miiverse to English only
Updated my Wii U to the latest patch

And it freezes with the buzzing sound on the gamepad while I´m playing.

I´ve been testing it for a few hours, accesing Miiverse, closing it, youtube etc.
So far no freezing, so what the hell?

The games that I played when it freezed where Sonic and ACIII
LOL at things in life
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