What consoles have you purchased at launch?

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User Info: Robotron2084

4 years ago#131
Xbox 360
Nintendo GameCube

Sega CD (I actually called Toys R Us Canada before this was released and spoke directly to their purchasers. They weren't going to carry it. I talked to them at length how it was the future of gaming....what a mistake. Either way they actually called me back informed me they were going to buy a few. They even called me when they arrived in my city and let the store manager know. One was taken directly off the truck and sold to me early).

Sega Master System (well my parents actually purchased this for me at launch)

User Info: Bowser05

4 years ago#132
I don't understand the logic behind 'people getting consoles at launch are morons.' We aren't morons merely because we choose to do things in a way that doesn't satisfy you. That actually makes YOU the moron for being so full of yourself. Many people have different reasons for doing so, but personally I buy them for a handful of reasons. I do it to show support to the company, I do it because I like to have it when it comes out...it's that vain feeling of being one of the few that has something new and fresh, I do it because usually they come out at a time that the old consoles are starting to get dull for me...so it keeps my drive going. Admittedly I play PC games too so that helps the lull between consoles but there is a different feeling I get when I play consoles for some reason.

I will admit though, that generally console launches are pretty bad. N64 was TERRIBLE (though at least both games were good), Gamecube was TERRIBLE (the launch games also were good...but so few total), PS2 and PS3 were TERRIBLE, 360 was decent, Wii was meh, 3DS was decent, DS was meh...but the Wii U I thought was fantastic. It had 30+ games at launch, with about 20 that look interesting to me and at least about 13 or so with good reviews. I already own 7 games on it and love them all...and am borrowing 1 which I am enjoying as well.

So by that logic, yes, as far as games are concerned....the launch buyers are generally not going to have much to enjoy...but the Wii U is a huge exception AND it does not make them morons. People like you make me sad. Anyway...I'm done ranting...go back to being on topic guys XD!
Playing:Dragon Age 2,LBP,K:CC,FFXIII,Gears3,Borderlands,PkMnW,DKCR,Halo Reach,Assassin's Creed
Still waiting for Nintendo to release Mother 3 in the US...
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