These rumors of the PS4 and XBox720 not running used games. (Wall of text)

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User Info: Reznik00

4 years ago#11
Doesn't bother me, I buy all my games new anyway or not at all.
I like to take care of my things and be able to go back to them years later.

Getting a scratched up disc, a beat up case, and torn ( if it's even there) manual do more than irritate me, they make me wonder how someone could let something so simple to take care of get so bad, and then I imagine how they must live...I'm not owning something that rested in filth.

And trading in a small collection of games just to play the newest one released is always a loss in my eyes. I know it's a bad analogy but here : I'm building a car, and the only way ( other than saving money) to get that custom dashboard, is to give up the stereo setup I was going to put in that I've had laying around because of a great deal. Neither one is mandatory, as I could go stock and save money, but at what cost?
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User Info: sejan12

4 years ago#12
tizzywilkillyou posted...
I'm with you, for the most part.

But one reason why your comparisons don't hold up is that all your examples cost money to produce/duplicate and distribute.

Games cost next to nothing to duplicate and distribute when done digitally. Even physically, it still costs less than your examples in all likelihood.

I DEFINITELY wouldn't put it past Sony/MSFT to pull a stunt like this... we'll see where things go...

I have no problem with digital purchases being yours forever. The problem is physical purchases. The moment you put the disk in your system the value falls to zero even though the disk is still in pristine condition complete with case and manual.

User Info: EnVy_CaLiBeR

4 years ago#13
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
It only effects poor people.

It will effect the gaming market period. There are millions of gamers who've purchased games used that they wouldn't otherwise buy if they don't know if the game is worth the full price or if the game is even good at all. If they like the game, it could potentially get them into future installments should the developers of the game decide to make it into a series. For example, I did not know if Demon Souls was going to appeal to make so I bought it used a year later. I loved the game and what happened after that? I purchased Dark Souls day one at the full $60 price.

Also, games are too expensive nowadays for the average gamer to not be able to find alternatives to how they can purchase their games.Constricting a gamer's ability to find deals on games that are in some cases $10-$15 more if they were to buy that exact same game new is essentially trying to control the consumer on how they get their games. If anything, it'll make gamers more hesitant on what they buy because no one wants to be stuck with a game that doesn't appeal to them or if the game sucks in general. I'm glad Nintendo didn't go this route but if it happens with the other systems, it'll be a sad day in gaming.
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

4 years ago#14
I think the best course of action is one that's already in place for many games, the online access registration key. Every game would come with an individual key in in the retail box to access online features/gameplay. If that game is traded in and someone buys it used, and wants to play online, they have to purchase a new key from the publisher. Not interested in playing online? No key needed. Don't have internet access to buy a new key? You wouldn't be playing online anyway.

It's win/win. Gamers still get to play used games, and the publisher gets a cut of the used market. Everyone is happy.
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User Info: geneticsftw

4 years ago#15
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
It only effects poor people.

My condolences

User Info: Lightning_fan

4 years ago#16
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
It only effects poor people.

Lol, as if gaming is some wealthy hobby.

It will hurt a lot of people what are not wealthy's wallet's not just the poor. Probably lead to less people experiencing games be it through borrowing, used sales, etc.

Basically this move would only hurt the industry as a whole and isolate gaming when it has been doing a great job pouring into the main stream culture.

User Info: Mixorz

4 years ago#17
I may be in the minority, but I don't really have a problem with this. First off I buy about 95% of my games new. I'm sure most gamers do anyway. The sale of used games really hit game companies in the wallet. If they made some revenue off the sale of used games it may not come to this, but basically places like gamestop pocket all the profit from used games.

We already see many incentives to buying new games, like free content with new games and online passes required to play online.

I will agree that if they do this they should have digital downloads for all games released on the system so there aren't any rare games you can't find new. Otherwise ill be honest, I don't have a problem buying only new games.
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User Info: TediousMatt

4 years ago#18
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
It only effects poor people.

What if the game is sold out or it only had a small shipment?
I have a bunch of games I needed to buy used because I could not find a new copy.
I've also bought used games sold as new, seeing that the cartridge had a save file on them (the box was sealed).

I've also lost count of the amount of new PC games I've bought which had an already used key code.
I really don't want those issues on my consoles, having to deal with them on PC is more than enough.

User Info: Icecreamdunwich

4 years ago#19
Console gaming continues to evolve into PC gaming, soon consoles will be non-existant.

User Info: quickposter

4 years ago#20
Nintendo would definitely win next gen. People wouldn't support used game blocking.

I'm actually hoping Sony or Microsoft do this so the system fails and companies wake up to who puts food on their table.
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