Day 1 Adopters: You still playing?

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User Info: IRELANDforever

4 years ago#51
AznSquall posted...
Currently playing through Xenoblade, then I have The Last Story and Skyward Sword lined up next.

Haha yeah I actually have The Last Story and Skyward Sword lined up as well.
It just sucks there aren't any Wii U games that I want to play
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User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#52
EnVy_CaLiBeR posted...
Yep. I beat ZombiU and NSMBU already but I still have AC3, Trine 2, and Nano Assault that I will keep me busy especially since I have games on other consoles as well so I won't always be playing the Wii U 24/7.

Dive into AC:3. Look up my stats. That game is awesome and will eat your time away. I could have 100% long ago, but have too much fun hunting and raising hell. I gotta finish ZombiU before getting Batman. Heard from friends that contrary to popular belief, it is better on the Wii U than other consoles.
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User Info: StarBladeEdge

4 years ago#53
stop telling us the wii u sucks troll. return it , your problem and loss. Proud user of the korean sackflash move in ttt2 !

User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#54
I think the one thing that folks with multiple systems need to realize is that 2013 will be a very dry year for games. Most game developers have moved their resources to the next gen consoles, meaning very little will be released (new IPs) in the next 12 months on the other consoles.

Nintendo did receive a ton of games at launch, albeit a good portion were available on other platforms.

There is clearly enough games to keep most people occupied for a long time. It's time to play games you missed over the past several years, play some games on the Wii U, and wait for certain games to come out this year.

While we all want (insert title here), just have to enjoy the games available and make sure to have the funds to purchase said game when it hits the shelves.
NNID: Minny612
3DS FC: 5155-2933-9036

User Info: MasterAshKetchem

4 years ago#55
Using it? Yes. Hulu, Amazon Instant, Netflix, Web Browser.

Playing games? lolno.
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User Info: xerofyre0

4 years ago#56
i play daily. i own all the indie games now thanks to the sale and own 8 retail games. i love it, still spend time on miiverse and have like 80 friends now lol.
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User Info: Aero_Slasher

4 years ago#57

Boxed up and waiting in the closet until... you know... more content comes out. I COULD use it for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and all that stuff, but my PS3 already handles all those jobs rather well and serves as a media server hub for my laptop as well.

Yeah, day 1 adoption sucks, but this is pretty bad since most of the Wii U's touted extra features are already marginalized by existing equipment or even by the TV itself. It amounts to a being a glorified Nintendo Social Media machine where Nintendo pumped millions to research peckers so people wouldn't draw them.

User Info: nedrith

4 years ago#58
Yes, Every once in a while I'll fire up NSMBU. I didn't buy it to be my main system though so I'm happy with only playing it some of the time.

User Info: AngelWithaHat

4 years ago#59
I have ZombiU, NSBU and Nintendo Land which came in my Deluxe WiiU.

And it's all collecting dust.

User Info: AwayFromHere

4 years ago#60
Not really.

But I count that more to the fact that I bought like 14 games on PSN on Monday.
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