Will nintendo ever make mature games?

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User Info: Murderstorm117

4 years ago#1
You think that being in the industry for so long they would know that most of their fans have grown up and want more mature games opposed to the same old. Sony and microsoft do a good job at balancing family friendly games with games for the older crowd why can't nintendo do this as well? I hope that with the wii u they finally will

User Info: MathewManson

4 years ago#2
Bayonetta 2 is on its way. Nintendo said they wanted to go all out with the Wii U, and they added a fair bit onto Ninja Gaiden 3.
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

4 years ago#3
I would hope not. Nintendo is great at what they do. Leave the "mature" games to other developers.
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User Info: STN79

4 years ago#4
You should see some of the stuff in Ninja gaiden razors edge. Enemies shout F you and there's literally buckets of blood everywhere. I'm surprised that even made it to a Nintendo system. As far as mature first party games no there will never be an M rated Nintendo game. That would be like X-rated Disney. It ain't gonna happen.

User Info: TheLightsAreOn

4 years ago#5
Reflex-Arc posted...
I would hope not. Nintendo is great at what they do. Leave the "mature" games to other developers.

I think an experiment is in order here.

Nintendo could make two versions of the same game. One will be a blood and guts everywhere FPS game, and the other a Mario Paintball game.

The levels will be laid out the same. The physics will be the same. Just the graphics will be different.

Both would get released exclusive for the U.

I would bet the fanboys of 'the other systems' would call the FPS game crap, and would love for Nintendo to go third party so they could play that 'kick*ss paintball game' on their system.

User Info: Kentaro21

4 years ago#6
Well, we have Bayonetta 2 coming, and Wii U's port of Ninja Gaiden 3 made it not suck.

User Info: bleachgamer3

4 years ago#7
You should play No More Heroes.

User Info: RetroFanGirl

4 years ago#8
bleachgamer3 posted...
You should play No More Heroes.

Nintendo didn't make that, there's even a PS3 version >_>

User Info: SupaShig

4 years ago#9
Eternal Darkness 2 please!

User Info: LightHawKnight

4 years ago#10
I doubt that the TC even knows what mature is. I believe he thinks "mature" games are mature games.
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