Gold Nunchuck REMOVED from Club Nintendo

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User Info: MeGaMaN123321

5 years ago#41
Got it! Just reached 900 coins too!
PSN: Raging-Shadow15 3DS Friend Code: 4253-3510-2432

User Info: lazycomplife

5 years ago#42
Just got it. I love you guys.
Wow really

User Info: Ada-Wong-Fan

5 years ago#43
Me Too Thanks You BDza For Letting Us Kniow It Up

User Info: BDza

5 years ago#44
You are welcome, I figured people should know.
<G>A Brother who always helps the widow's son; are you a traveling man too?<G>
Addicted to->Xenoblade

User Info: JPdelaGhetto

5 years ago#45
I got lucky and was showing my girlfriend who just got a WiiU how to use Club Nintendo and what kinda stuff you get. I wen't to show her the Nunchuk that I've been drooling over and behold, it was available. I'm thankful she asked because if she didn't I may have missed it.

Came on here to let it be known but y'all beat me too it. I hope everyone gets it who wants one!
"This is my gift, it is my curse." - Peter Parker
GOT IT! been stalking it all month. hehe :)
PSN: Rockmanxexe
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