Mario Party 6,7,8,9?

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User Info: Tsutarja495

4 years ago#11
Oh, if we're talking about the other games too, then for me it is:
3 > 7 > 8 > 2 > 1 > 6 > 5 > 4 >>> 9

User Info: _Taidow_

4 years ago#12
6 > 9 > 7 > 8

6 has the best boards and great use of orbs.
9 has the best minigames.
7 is better than 8.
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User Info: StephenYap3

4 years ago#13
jakestar0306 posted...
7>6>>>8>>>>>>>>Superman 64>>>>>>>>>Paper Mario: Sticker Star>>>>>>>>E.T. (2600)>>>>>>>>>>>>9

At least MP9 is better than Action 52.
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User Info: DTY3

4 years ago#14
Icecreamdunwich posted...
Just stick to 1 2 and 3, the rest are awful.

I'd have to disagree.

3 is great, but 1 and 2 are outclassed by most of the newer ones, barring nostalgia.
Metroid Zero Mission and Super Metroid are some of the finest 2D games ever made and are the best in the series.
Metroid Fusion is pretty cool I guess.
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