Nintendos lack of controller standardization is a MESS

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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#111
GwynsSonSolaire posted...

Stop bumping this pointless ass topic.
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User Info: FlyinTonite

4 years ago#112
We're basically a bunch of nerds arguing about nintendo on a wii u board in a topic linking us to a board with a bunch of nerds arguing about nintendo.
Apathetic since I don't care when.
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User Info: Andrew21044

4 years ago#113
Dynheart posted...
Oh, look. A **** storm unfolding because people have different opinions.

But that's not all, folks! The opinions stated here are also fact! You heard correctly...

It's not Nintendo that's doomed, but these damn boards. Next will be the gaming community as a whole because they can't make up their effin' mind/get along. It's like we're a lost cause...and it's sad. Just game and stfu.

Or if we're gonna communicate, let's not turn every damn thread into a **** storm after reply 2 or 3.

As I read this topic...I was greeted with a frown.

A ****storm has started....who's going to wipe all this brown.
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User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#114
More like a blessing. For the Wii all you really need is a Wii remote and nunchuck. Classic Controller and CCP are all optional controller, also those who once bought a Wii after the GameCube should already had GameCube controllers. For the Wii U, all you need is just the Wii U Game Pad, if you bought it after the Wii, you should still had all your Wii controllers and stuff handy from the get-go.

User Info: _LordAndSavior

4 years ago#115
To be honest the point made in the topic title is 100% true, Nintendo's lack of standardization is the mess. Just not in the way described in TC's post. The fact that there are numerous controllers, some that use the Gamepad, Wiichuck, Wiimote and Pro controller and other do not is quiet annoying. The game games feel strange and you can usually tell in which way the game was meant to be played. I personally would like it if, every game came with an ability to play with the pro controller, there must be fans of the other two kinds and will hope those are in the game, leading to the mess described.
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User Info: Lord_Kagato

4 years ago#116
Nintendo's Tablet and Pro controller have just as many buttons and fatures as the PS3 and 360 controller right now... with an added touchscreen on the tablet.

The differences between controller layouts now are minimal. There's no room for complaining by anyone other than those fishing for a reason to cause trouble for the fun of causing trouble. And seeing as how this topic is as big as it is, I'd say successful attempt was successful.

Let us thus continue with the mindless, childish "My toy is better than your toy" bickering.
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User Info: mcsmellington

4 years ago#117
The triggers don't bother me too much, although I can see why they're needed and not including them was a pretty stupid idea.

What I don't like is how many damn controllers Nintendo has for this thing. I'm all for options, but having the GamePad, Pro Controller, Wiimotes and Nunchuks, and I believe the Classic Controller Pro (I think?) is just too much. When you have a list of more than 3 controllers available on the back of the game box, I think it's too much.
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User Info: GwynsSonSolaire

4 years ago#118

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#119
Hilarious. The first near-childish response on that site is a mere "Who cares. *headbutts blocks*", and that's not until post #10.

Here... the brats started kicking and wetting themselves by the third post. XD Is this where some tool who loves to play victim explains how that site is soooo "anti-Nintendo"? Or, perhaps, just populated by more people who can control their emotions? ;)

fhsfootball74 posted...
This topic is a MESS.

When you get called a troll on the Wii U board, keep in mind who's probably doing the "judging".
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