What do you guys want the pokemon related news to be?

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User Info: omniryu

4 years ago#11
Tsutarja495 posted...
Pokemon Snap 2 on the Wii U. Or a third game in the Colosseum + XD line, with Ardos being the new Cipher leader or something important. He did say he was going to keep Cipher going at the end of the XD.

I'm not ready for 6th gen yet. I want more spinoffs of 5th gen.

Is no one ready?
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User Info: CaioNV

4 years ago#12
I have seen on this board someone suggesting a Pokémon game where you can choose to be different things other than a Pokémon trainer. Like someone who studies Pokémon (every game starts with the world of Pokémon being introduced by a professor, you could be one of these) or someone who just collects Pokémon and have them as pets. Such a game would fit perfectly Nintendo's first HD console.
Again, who suggested this? If this happens, I love you.
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User Info: Stealthlys

4 years ago#13
It would be cool to actually role play in pokemon, and feel immersed. Like customize apparel, or offer different skins. Be other "classes/jobs". Be a nice gen 6, or a spin off for wii u.

User Info: ballermat982

4 years ago#14
Don't get your hopes up about a sequel to pokemon snap. Gamefreak already expressed disinterest in making that game. Whatever they're making will likely be for 3DS.

User Info: omniryu

4 years ago#15
What I want most out of a 6 gen game is 60 frame per second/ faster loading time, Wii u port, and an online tournament more.
PSN ID: Omniryu; Skype: Ryan.cox43
Gamertag: Omniryu

User Info: SS4_Namreppiv

4 years ago#16
A true Pokemon MMO. Large open world to explore/battle in.
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User Info: sidious360

4 years ago#17
Im hoping its an RPG for the wii-u bigger than any pokemon ever released and it being from retro studios.

User Info: Kayube

4 years ago#18
I'd like to have a Stadium-type game for Gen V before Gen VI, I don't want this gen to miss out on TV play.
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User Info: DemonDog666

4 years ago#19
Something new lol, not just another boring normal pokemon game, I got burned out on them a long time ago.

But it will probably just be a pokedex app for wiiU that was the first pokemon thing on 3DS.

User Info: parkourboybryan

4 years ago#20
One of the proud people that still plays Mirror's Edge to this day.
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