I've been thinking about getting a wii u

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User Info: elsmitty

4 years ago#1
I really want a Wii U. I was going to buy one for myself on black Friday but then I ended up buying a new laptop which I really needed cause my last laptop was finished.

But now I have some extra money coming in and I was thinking about trying to find one at the store.

I was thinking about getting NSMBU and ZombieU. But I've heard soo many bad things about ZombieU and I'm a little mariod out right now after NSMB2.

Anyways can you guys give me some game suggestions?

I'm a big RPG fan. I love shmups. And Castleroids are my favorite genre of games.
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User Info: valeski2236

4 years ago#2
I was a little concerned about zombiu and all the bad reviews, but having bought and played it, its actually a decent game. Not the sole reason to buy a wiiu but its still a decent title.

User Info: JoeSkeletor

4 years ago#3
I bought my wiiU because zombieU looked awesome was hyped for it since the e3 footage and ive been zombified ever since the walking dead show started. Needless to say i ignored the bad reviews and i really wished i would have listened it is the main reason i stoped liking the wiiU controller it gets old fast and the combat is a joke. NSMBU is great though took me 2 weeks to beat 100% now i gotta wait till pikmin3 before i even bother turning the thing on. My advice look at the list of whats coming out and see if anything else is coming out anytime soon if not save your money till its got a better selection like i shoulda done.
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User Info: valeski2236

4 years ago#4
Moral of the story, decide for yourself.

User Info: xerofyre0

4 years ago#5
zombiu is my game of the year across all systems! if you like real survival horror you will love it
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User Info: Kart_Krazy

4 years ago#6
I loved ZombiU.

If you're patient, always trying to take it slow and reorganize, and always trying to be prepared, you're going to love it.

If you're an impatient, arrogant, just-go in run n' gun shooter type, you're going to be very disappointed.

Treat ZombiU as a survival horror, and NOT an FPS, and you'll enjoy it very much.
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