Nintendo needs to implement an achievement system.

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User Info: omniryu

4 years ago#71
SuperShadowAce posted...
Linetrix posted...
SuperShadowAce posted...
Eoin posted...
SuperShadowAce posted...
I'm not a fan of them since they lead to the death of cheat codes.

There's plenty of games with both cheats and trophies. If developers aren't putting cheats into games, it's not because of trophies.

It's less often and they always disable saving now.

Trophies disable saving? What?

Cheat codes in games with trophies always disable saving.

I think cheating just fell out of fashion.
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User Info: Eoin

4 years ago#72
LePhenom posted...
I totally agree with you. It sucks that this option is not available on PS3 and 360, that's something I'd really want, and I would never complain about trophies/achievements if such an option was implemented in the console itself, but so far nobody implemented it, which is why there's complaints.

In fairness, it's a niche issue. Most people aren't bothered by the trophy notifications after a while. Sony and Microsoft might not feel it's worth their while adding such an option and having to test it across every type of trophy condition across multiple games. Without wanting to suggest that this is the attitude of anyone in particular in this topic, this particular complaint is really more of a retroactive reason why people justify their pre-existing dislike of trophies, rather than something that a significant amount of people are bothered by in and of itself.

User Info: spanishbob

4 years ago#73
geneticsftw posted...
Lord_Kagato posted...
TC created the topic and made one post. Hasn't said a thing since.

Topic is now up to page 7.

Successful troll is successful. Gullible WiiU board posters still gullible.

4 pages

2 pages.

User Info: Tidus9rules

4 years ago#74
No they don't need this kind of crap. What game developers need to do is implement stuff that rewards you IN GAME. An unlockable character, or costume that you can use and gives you new abilities. Things like New Game Plus, etc. Trophies and the like are lazy add ons that do nothing other then celebrate your mediocrity as a gamer. Make the games themselves more rewarding, don't pat my back for playing it.

User Info: blankempathy

4 years ago#75
Its funny I find myself actively trying to get everything in nsmbu just because its challenging and fun to do so. I could play assassin's creed 3 for the 360 and spend hours trying to gather features and other collectables for a virtual score but its freaking boring.
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