Wii U Owners Age

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User Info: gary5105

4 years ago#51
I'm 33.

TC, my wife doesn't really like video games either, but she is hooked on the sims and Pikmin. Pikmin 3 will likely be a day one purchase.

User Info: EnVy_CaLiBeR

4 years ago#52
21 here.
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User Info: mkfreddddi

4 years ago#53
21 in about 15 minutes
PROUD supporter of NINTENDO, microsoft, and sony

User Info: gary5105

4 years ago#54
Also, to the people who think WiiU is just for kids, it's very nice for busy adults who can't always have control of the big HD in the living room. Those of us with spouses or kids. In fact on NYE, I was able to let some friends play Darksiders 2 while the women had NYE programing on.

User Info: FullmetalChild

4 years ago#55
23 next month.
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User Info: Uppityup

4 years ago#56
29 years old

User Info: ThePrisoner06

4 years ago#57
49 in May, and very glad I bought a Wii U.
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User Info: acdcman07

4 years ago#58
jairusmonillas posted...
Wii U owners are around 10yrs-17yrs old.

18 and above only owns either a 360 or ps3 and a pc along with it.

This is definitely the most truest thing ever said on the internet. Yup, definitely. No way it could be false at all.

User Info: BIGLlittlel

4 years ago#59
18 here, got it for Christmas. I have a gaming PC also, and I absolutely love my Wii U!
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but you still have to use a keyboard which was made for word processing back in the early 90s with MSdos.

User Info: DJNfinity

4 years ago#60
27. The perfect age.
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