Wii U Owners Age

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User Info: Villain_S_Fiend

4 years ago#91
36 at the end of the month.
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User Info: Harlem-ville_76

4 years ago#92
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User Info: Vanguard_6575

4 years ago#93
14, almost 15

User Info: sloth927

4 years ago#94
Wii U ID: Fire_Chomp
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User Info: George Trevor

George Trevor
4 years ago#96
jairusmonillas posted...
Wii U owners are around 10yrs-17yrs old.

18 and above only owns either a 360 or ps3 and a pc along with it.

Wow that's really funny because i never knew people who owned a wiiu aren't capable of owning a ps3, xbox or a gaming pc... :/

I'm 30 and i have about every console made since 1985 and a gaming pc, 4 of my local friends also own a wiiu and they are even older than i am

Also, a piece of advice, don't use your real name on sites like youtube and gamefaqs...
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