Should I get a wiiu?

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User Info: Chaos_Kreature

4 years ago#11
joeskeletor posted...
teknic1200 posted...
monster hunter , nuff said.

and the ports that are out are all pretty good. It's hard to believe people complain about framerate issues in batman, I rolled the credits yesterday and that game is gorgeous

Monster Hunter is to grindy and takes a huge time investment its not for everyone its not a bad game by any means but a little bump in graphics and a few more enemies is no reason to sink 100s of hours into a rehashed wii game again. And for the ports they are good but many have played them many month ago.

You clearly haven't played many MH games. And a few more monsters? Including the subspecies, which are different than the normal ones,there are 32 new monsters. that's on top of the original Tri monsters. There's also G rank, a whole different level of difficulty. That little "bump in graphics" might as well be a mountain, if you've seen any screenshots, which I doubt. There is also the addition of the four weapon classes not included in Tri, the bow, gunlance, hunting horn, and dual swords. I see no rehashing.
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User Info: New Link

New Link
4 years ago#12
This is actually one of nintendo's better launches. The system is selling slighlty less than the pace of the original Wii. This time around they simply had supply to meet the demand. Its selling at about 2x the rate of the 360's launch window, and about 3x of that of the ps3's. As per the CD-i, that wasnt nintendo's product, Phillips made it.

When it comes to games, the N64 launched with 2 games available for it. Consoles dont have huge libraries when they first launch. In addition to the backwards compatibility, you also have access to the Virtual Console which grants access to games dating back to the NES through N64 which can all be played on the Wii U.

Bricking is an issue which is highly exaggerated on these boards. This isnt the 52% fail-rate the original 360 had, it's caused by either a power outage during the installation portion of the update, or by physically pulling out the power cable during the installation portion of the update.
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