'Crysis 3' not coming to Wii U due to lack of "business drive"

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User Info: Iamerror777

4 years ago#71
Crytek shouldn't left Ubisoft.
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User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#72
kissdadookie posted...
JKatarn posted...
excitebike64 posted...
If I recall, wasn't crysis 2 mediocre?

I would like a crysis on the wii-u, won't deny it.

Just wondering, I recall crysis getting a lot of praise, and 2 being considered, meh.

Crysis 2 received favorable reviews, but it was divisive among fans. It was far more linear, and eliminated the ability to toggle different suit modes etc. - I also recall people on the PC board being upset that it was relatively easy to max it out at a good framerate, though the graphics are still quite nice.

I loved Crysis 2, thought it was a great improvement over Crysis one in terms of gameplay. It's basically like Deus Ex style gameplay where you can play it like CoD or play it like MGS. Really well done. MP however was questionable and that was where a lot of criticism from gamers focused on.

Yep Crysis, Warhead and Crysis 2 were great.

User Info: CyoX

4 years ago#73
Eoin posted...
lt519 posted...
Meh, not so much, the game was released before the Wii U even came out. Anyone that wanted the game had already bought it on a new console.

The splits in the UK charts by platform suggest that the gap is still massive though. Everyone who wanted the game certainly didn't get it on a different console before the Wii U version appeared, because the other versions are still selling really well, and the Wii U version...isn't.

sorry there's no room for that type of logic on these boards. you must be a blind sheep to the company you have no vested interest in other than your homerism and attempt to deny any legit claims against said company/product unto the end days.

User Info: Paladinrja

4 years ago#74
Ness0123456789 posted...
From: Paladinrja | #013
These companies didn't take advantage of the Wii, now it seems they won't with the Wii U. What makes me laugh is that with the Wii it was understandable

The 360, PS3, and PC have established user bases, the WiiU does not.

Is it really that hard to comprehend? It's going to be a year or so before developers feel comfortable pushing their bigger titles onto the WiiU. This is going to happen with the 720 and PS4 as well, but the difference here is that Microsoft and Sony have the 360 and PS3 to fall back on for awhile until the two next generation consoles begin to take off.

Nintendo does not, and this is why the release of the Wii is STILL going to affect them even with the WiiU. Why do you think Nintendo was able to remain in the game with the 3DS even after it's abysmal launch and intitial sales? It wasn't because of the price-cut alone, it was because of the established user-base they had on the DS, and how the platform was still well supported in Japan, a Nintendo first.

Nintendo has always had that problem of, as soon as a new console or hand held comes out, they immediately drop all support on the older generation and push as much as they can on the new one, and it's never really done well for the company for their first year, which is expected based on things such as the price, the lack of games, and the simple fact that most developers don't really want to jump ship yet, which means the console usually has a lack of games for the first few months to a year.

I have no doubt that within a year the WiiU is going to be sitting comfortably with the 360 and PS3, if not at the back of the pack. But for now, it's going to have a slow start, and you can't fault publishers for not wanting to put titles on a system that, as of yet, has not proven it's self yet as something they can push sales on. I can almost guarantee EA, Activision, and the majority of the other western publishers are going to do the same thing with the PS4 and 720 when they release as well.

I don't fault EA for anything, other than they exist. That some of the games from developement houses, we like to play come from under EAs banner. So be it, but I won't give them a cent.
EA could bring out the best games of the year, surpassing even Nintendo themselves. I still will not put a single cent into that company.

User Info: MetroidJunkie

4 years ago#75
JKatarn posted...

I have a feeling were it release on the Wii-U you'd be singing its praises - just because a game isn't released on your platform of choice doesn't make it irredeemable crap. That reminds me of the old Aesop fable where the fox tries to snatch some grapes just out of reach and after failing several times declares "ah, they were probably sour anyway". The moral was, "there's comfort in knowing what you can't have isn't worth having".

Given Crysis focuses pretty heavily on the graphics side of things, it really IS better off on PC.

User Info: BigAl519

4 years ago#76
After the crap that was Crysis 2 I have to say I am quite thankful this next PoS isn't coming to the Wii U. The first Crysis was the only one they managed to get right.
A real gamer will buy any system and enjoy it, a tool will sit on a forum trying to bash one or the other!

User Info: Canas_Renvall

4 years ago#77
'Crysis 3' not coming to Wii U due to lack of Nintendo being EA's prison b**** regarding their online system


I'll be playing this on my PC anyway, if I even dare get it. EA blah blah bad company etc etc.
I don't see Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony. I see Mario, Zelda, Uncharted, Resident Evil, Gears of War, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, etc. Play games, not companies.

User Info: Paladinrja

4 years ago#78
mcsmellington posted...
We're only a week into 2013 and we've already got a contender for 'Most Inane Ramble' of the year.

Comming from an EA apologist that means nothing.

User Info: Paladinrja

4 years ago#79
Iamerror777 posted...
Crytek shouldn't left Ubisoft.


User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

4 years ago#80
BigAl519 posted...
After the crap that was Crysis 2 I have to say I am quite thankful this next PoS isn't coming to the Wii U. The first Crysis was the only one they managed to get right.

You call a game you haven't played a PoS, so you must be the "tool" your sig is talking about? If someone did that about a game that actually was on WiiU, you'd be crapping puppies while calling that user a "troll".
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