Why do you want Wii U to fail?

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User Info: TheFlamingC

4 years ago#91
-Damien- posted...
it contributes nothing to gaming industry. it's just messing up a perfectly fine console cycle

The way the console cycle currently is, the industry will collapse again.
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User Info: mini_blight

4 years ago#92
TrueBlue91 posted...
Because a good failure will really help Nintendo actually give a damn and put effort into stuff, understand that people won't eat up whatever crap they feel like throwing at them, etc.

Also because I like Nintendo's franchises but don't like its consoles, so I want them on other consoles. Sadly that won't happen because the overly casual market Nintendo has ditched us for, is basically an endless money fountain for the company.

Oh well.

A good failure?

The last time Nintendo had a "good" failure was with the N64 and Gamecube. That "good" failure is what lead to the Wii.

You may want to go back to base and reevaluate your propaganda tactics.

You were never ditched because you were never a Nintendo fan to begin with.

DarkAdonis123 posted...
It's the fanboys who want it to fail the most. Mention a desire for something popular to come to the Wii U, and they're quick to respond with "That game sucks. Keep that garbage off Nintendo consoles. The Wii U doesn't need it anyway."

They ridicule the idea and possibility of a game coming to Wii U. Then when it's confirmed as NOT coming to the Wii U, they now ridicule it for NOT coming to the Wii U.

Only here have I ever seen "fans" this dumb.

Did you really just take the opinions of Nintendo fanboys and Nintendo haters and merge them into one entity? Really? Then you call them dumb? smh

User Info: Starman49843

4 years ago#93
Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but having one game come out worth playing every several months doesn't cut it with me. Then when you say that the Wii didn't have any games, they'll say, "But what about these?? *lists 10-15 good games for the Wii.*"

"But that was over the course of SIX years, bro."

Personally, I don't "want the Wii U to fail", but I do think they need a kick in the pants. Btw, if people at Nintendo lose their jobs, how is it the customer's fault?? If you worked for a company whose flagship product is dog-turd-on-a-stick, would your loss of a job be the customer's fault too?? Point is, it's never the customer's fault for not buying something. If they would just fulfill the wants of the customer, they'd get to keep their jobs. Their loss of a job is not on our hands. We don't owe them a job. If it weren't for all the Nintendo fanboys here, I would've thought this was a troll topic. Reading some of these posts makes me wonder if all the Nintendo fanboys are all in on one giant troll on the rest of the gaming community.
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User Info: mini_blight

4 years ago#94
Paladinrja posted...
Its because the Wii really scarred most of these f'wits. See half of 'em were NGC nuts who were crying "you'll see!" when Nintendo brought out the Wii.
Freaking out they all dispersed & became fanboys of Sony & MS consoles.

The people who claim they left Nintendo or Nintendo left them, were never with Nintendo to begin with. Many of them are actually just Sony or MS fanboys pretending to be Nintendo fans.

Terotrous posted...
thundercat2600 posted...
Maybe you should ask all the Nintendrones here why they want Sony to fail.

You've got that wrong, it's Sony who wants Sony to fail.

Got that right.

Maybe thundercat should ask why Sony fans prefer trolling Nintendo over saving Sony. That's something worth asking.

maximumbarmage posted...
A message needs to be sent to Nintendo that people aren't going to swallow whatever they crap out regardless of quality or worth

So you want us to tell Nintendo to fail even if they put out some great games?

There is not a facepalm.gif big enough for that load of diarrhea.

User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

4 years ago#95
When I see the hate for such things as "casual" and "family", it clearly shows me that the posters of these comment are children.

As an adult, I'm happy that there are games that families can enjoy together. I'm happy that my folks can experience the same joy from a hobby that has brought me years of entertainment. Are they playing the same types of games that I am? No, and I personally don't care what they play as long as it makes them happy.

When you children become adults, you will understand.
Good stuff

User Info: mini_blight

4 years ago#96
DemonDog666 posted...
HeaderHog posted...
If you don't hate the Wii U, then when you point out it's shortcomings, why do you point them out in such a nasty manner?
Also, how am I a delusional fanboy if I simply notice that Nintendo garners a lot of hate for no reason?

What exactly do you consider a nasty manor? And it's not for no reason, I have pointed out the reasons several times hell in the post you quoted I even pointed out a few indirectly, that's what makes you a fanboy, you ignore valid issues and complaints with Nintendo consoles.

None of the issues and complaints lobbed at the Wii U are valid.

You and your buddies are just throwing anything at the wall, hoping something will stick. You're desperate for a RRoD or smoking gun to make the Wii U fail.

But if you want to do this, then feel free to list all the "valid" issues the Wii U has. I've read them all, and some are things Sony and MS do themselves but never get called out for it, while the other things are trivial and are the videogame forum equivalent of poking at windmills.

GeassMaster posted...
I always find it so weird that it's the Nintendo fanboys are always bashing Sony fanboys and visa versa. Microsoft seems to get away scott-free being the worse of the three, They seem to bring more industry ruining practices into gaming (DLC, Pay to play a game online, Almost all multimedia features have a pay wall, games like Halo 4 with ridiculous sized budgets.) but people rarely care about them, with this boring Sony/Nintendo rivalry crap.

I think Nintendo and Sony fanboys need to get together to get rid of the real menace of gaming. Although it seems more than often that they're too busy acting like who wins what.

MS is good at pitting Sony fans against Nintendo fans. They're also good at spreading anti-Japanese gaming propaganda.

User Info: The_King82

4 years ago#97

User Info: Estil

4 years ago#98
3D_Shado posted...Sick of all the kiddy crap... anyone remember Ganondorf coughing up blood and being stabbed in the face by a grim hero?

But didn't Link do that in the very game with the "kiddie cel shade" graphics that everyone was in an uproar about before they even had a chance to really see the cel shade graphics in action? Personally I thought WW's graphics/animation were beautiful and if anything seemed to push the GC even harder than TP. Am I wrong?
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User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#99
Allll right - I'll use a term that doesn't make somebody cry this time... how about... "certain posters". :)


By far and away, the best part of being ignored, is calling out what... *ahem*, certain posters are going to say... and them doing EXACTLY what you predicted, hee hee.

Hmm... those inclined to ignore, have predictable and mundane behavior. Who would have thunk! ;)

(Oh - no karma lost, by the way... nice try! ;D )
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