Well, That Didn't Take Long

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User Info: DavCube

4 years ago#51
Yeah sure, it's not like this didn't happen for every home console since the mid 90s, that would be stupid and weird.

User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

4 years ago#52
TC, Nintendo adds innovation to the shovel.
To be fair, the bible has more plot holes than ME3. I wouldn't be listening either - Pies12

User Info: EazyERock

4 years ago#53
ITT: any game not a Nintendo IP or generic RPG or FPS = shovelware
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User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
4 years ago#54
Talicus posted...
The Playstation 2 launched with these games.

The PS2 is also over a decade old. Let it RIP and compare the Wii-U with active products in 2013.

User Info: mini_blight

4 years ago#55
Tom_Green_II posted...
The logic on this board can be astounding sometimes....

The logic that you clearly just made up.

Are you and Sailor Goon the same person? lmao

Nintendological posted...
There were quite a few crappy cash in games on the PS2.


But there was also an even larger library of amazing games and exclusives.

Double lmao!

The presence of crappy games is not the major issue.

According to you and this topic that is exactly what the issue is.

Don't backpeddle now, "Nintendological."

User Info: PaladinAlik

4 years ago#56
1shadetail1 posted...
AhnoldDood posted...
Funny thing is that those games not only have been out for a long time, but they are also on the other consoles. But nope, somehow this is bad for the Wii U, and Wii U only.
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User Info: mini_blight

4 years ago#57
Sailor Goon posted...
If it follows the same trend as the Wii with pumping out endless shovelware, I'm selling my Wii U. The sad thing is, it'll still sell millions because suckers will still buy the garbage.

You can't sell what you don't own.
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