So... Why did the GameCube not do well?

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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#91
Because it was more hardcore while the audience are more casual.

User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#92
HeaderHog posted...
I can understand why the Wii U might not do well, (or not,) or why the Wii was hated (or loved)
But why the hell did the GameCube do badly?
It had some very good games for its time, good 3rd party support, and some killer launch items.
So, why didn't it do well?

A few reasons:

1 - The GameCube console design was made to look like a toy instead of a device leading most of the more mature gamers to stick with the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

2 - The launch lineup wasn't as spectacular and Luigi's Mansion wasn't a good game to launch even though it was a good game.

3 - Not enough 3rd party support, though it got Konami, EA, Square Enix, Capcom, and most other Japanese and western developers on the team again, their involvement (other than Capcom, Sega, and Namco) weren't as focus heavy like their lineup for the competitors.

4 - Nintendo sell Rare and bought Monolith Soft, they sold out the developers with awesome unique IPs for another developers with less IPs.

5 - The controller wasn't as unique.

6 - Lack of online play.

7 - The disc format they use are a bit limited, because of this games like Tales of Symphonia, Resident Evil remake, Resident Evil Zero, and Baten Kaitos were all on two disc.

User Info: diggyfresh

4 years ago#93
Gamecube had bad timing. It was up against the PS2 at its peak, and the XBOX was looming. The Wii U is actually coming out with great timing. Both Sony and Microsoft are waning and there's no threats looming. It's going to be hard for 3rd party developers to ignore that;)
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User Info: TMW001

4 years ago#94
The way I see it was lack of online play so far only one Gamecube game had that and that was PSO 1&2,PS2 being a cheaper DVD player,it didn't have as many games as the PS2 and that's including the shovel ware so the PS2 kinda aimed at everyone also PS2 was backwards compatible while the GC had to rely on ports of N64 games to bring last generation classics on it's console.

User Info: bigphil2003

4 years ago#95
Online play had very little to do with it, the PS2 hardly supported it at all and Xbox Live didn't really take off until a few years down the road. It was only in the current generation that online play became "standard" even for casual gamers.
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User Info: Blaqthourne

4 years ago#96
mini_blight posted...
The SNES had very little M Rated titles. The NES had NONE.

The NES didn't have any M Rated titles because the ESRB didn't exist
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User Info: mini_blight

4 years ago#97
Blaqthourne posted...
mini_blight posted...
The SNES had very little M Rated titles. The NES had NONE.

The NES didn't have any M Rated titles because the ESRB didn't exist

And if there were any games on it worth getting an M Rating, the ESRB would have existed sooner.

Now the Atari on the other hand...

User Info: lightningbugx

4 years ago#98
Without reading the replies, the only reason why the Gamecube did not do so well was because of the damages done from the N64. Nintendo lost a lot of ground on the N64, and the Gamecube had to perform recovery.

As far as power, the Gamecube and original XBox were equivalent. When it came to games maxing out the space of the game discs, there is one element common on all such games, pre-rendered video.

User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#99
at least in brazil,it was because of piracy,or the lack of it.
they sell pirated games and modded consoles like it's legal...probably because nobody cares.
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User Info: Undietaker

4 years ago#100
If I remeber correctly the GameCube came out over a year after the compitition and was clearly inferior in every way.

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