People if you haven't already please go play Darksiders 2

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User Info: Phange_2

4 years ago#41
I just got to the angel world, which I hear is when the game starts to nosedive.
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User Info: Omega_Black

4 years ago#42
On Wii U? Naw.
Maybe on one of the other platforms.
Go where the games are...
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Prince Shondronai 4 years ago#43
I'm almost done with Darksiders 1, and then I will purchase #2 for the Wii U.
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User Info: 3D_Shado

4 years ago#44
I highly recommend staying away from Darksiders 2.

- You spend most of the game running around in overworlds/dungeons that are mostly just land - imagine Hyrule Field in OoT, but with enemies that are a lot more annoying (you stop getting XP after getting a few levels above you, but they can still do significant damage to you if you try to just rush past).

- Dungeons aren't nearly as creative as the Zelda-esque ones in Darksiders 1, and rely on the same few gimmicks throughout the game. Finding the "bomb plant" to blow up "rubble" gets old really fast, and there's only a few new items you get to make the game more interesting.

- Combat's decent, but with no incentive to get higher combos it can become a bit vapid, unless you just really feel like challenging yourself for the leaderboards (lol). All you really need to do is equip gear with health regen, dodge and spam power attacks.

- Story. It's barely there and the entire game progression is "go gather these things so you can go to another place and gather other things".

- Unoriginality. The game is a hodge-podge of numerous games - Devil May Cry, OoT, Diablo, and eventually Portal, Gears of War and even Skyward Sword due to a certain time-jumping item used for the last dungeon in the game. All of this means the game really doesn't feel special for what it is. Plus, these games did their thing a LOT better than Darksiders 2.

Yeah, it lasted me 30 hours, but was it 30 hours of enjoyability? I don't think so. I guess since Wii U doesn't have anything better to play you can get it, but there's a reason it's at bargain-bin prices mere months after release.
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