A game is not good just because it has mario in the title

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User Info: Sagadego

4 years ago#111
Stealthlys posted...
User Name DemonDog666
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good! mabey he should just stop harassing the 3ds and wii u boards
Why did Nintendo rip off digimon? demondog666

User Info: Zogar20

4 years ago#112
Mario > Zelda

Blasphmey!!!!!!! Or wait, they are both early nintendo games, and both defined my childhood in extremly massivly ways!!!!! I can't possibly choose. Overload, systems critical, mass explosion iminate!!!! Evucate are immedatly!!!!!

In all honesty, IMO, it is very hard to choose between Mario and Zelda in the early games. Zelda verse Mario brothers the orginal(not the donkey kong, the one that came with duck hunt) is even, completely. Zelda gets a slight nod cause it has some story, and the puzels are fun. And it also has the master quest after you beat it, basicly giving you a second game. And once you do finaly get started, its not that hard to figure out where to go and what to do.

Mario gets a slight nod because, well, frankly, because its possibly to beat it with out getting help from an outside source. I know there must have been some people who played and beat the orginaly Zelda with out help from Nintendo Power or the 1-800 help line you could call. But honestly, I just can't see how.

You were litteraly droped in the middle of a screen, with no equipment or anything, no back story, you weren't told anything at all about anything. You just started standing there, no idea what was going on. There was a cave up from where you started standing, and it gave you a sword, thats it, nothing else.

How some people managed to beat that game with out Nintendo Power or the 1-800 number, I don't know, to me, it seems impossible, but I know it wasn't. And because of that, Mario gets a nod over Zelda. But over all, they were even to me.

As for the second game in each series, well, there are 2 Mario 2's. the one America got in the begining, the dream thing with the 4 characters. And then the "Lost levels". Both have flaws. The first one America got, the dream thing, it was fun, but orginaly was suppose to be a different game alltogether from what I can gather. And was just kind of super silly to me in a lot of ways.

And then we have the "Lost Levels." In America, we first got this on the super nintendo, in the Mario All Stars Game. It was much like the first Mario brothers, same kind of play and everything, and at first, seemed super fun. But soon it became apperant it had a problem like the first Zelda, but on steroids. Actually, on Super Steroids.

The "Lost Levels" is tied for the hardest game I have ever played. Tied with a game called "Shinobi" for the Playstation 2. Shinobi was litterally called "The game that hates you" by several reviewers. Every review I have read of it, and my own opinion of the game, all agree on one thing about the game. That the makes wanted as few people as possible to actually beat it.

They made it so that at least some, and I stress "some", of the testers could get to the end and win the game. Just enough that they could allow it to be released to the public. I don't know if they were real things that real testers put out on the internet. bBut I have read things supposdely written by testers, saying that the game in right next to impossible to beat. Even on the Normal mode.
Great game, give it a try, and put zogar as your referal to get bonuses to start.

User Info: Zogar20

4 years ago#113
And that your avarage player will never even come close to finishing this game. At the time, the internet was fairly new(or at least newly avalible to the vast majority of people, as internet had existed for like 15-20 years at the time(maybe more, government doesn't tell all), just had been between 5 and 10 that your avarage joe could get it) and anyone could post anything about anything, and say it was by anyone they wanted. And it was nearly impossible to figure out where it actually came from, for your avarage user anyway.

Main point is, pretty much everyone agreed, Shinobi was an out rageously hard game, that the makes genuinuly did not want most people to beat, or even come close to beating.

"The Lost Levels", were at least as hard. Harder in my opinion. I have looked it up on line. As with all the old Mario games, there are videos of people beating them on youtube and such. Doing so for speed, without dying, getting the most points, or in the case of "The lost Level's" just actually beating it at all.

And while I can't claim to have seen every video of it, those I have seen, all clearly seem to have one or two things in common. They looked to either be faked, just completely faked and not real at all. Or, they seem to have cheated with a game geni, as at multpile times, they take hits from enemies, and just pass through.

My point? I am not sure, and honestly do not believe, that anyone has even actually beaten "The Lost Level's" with out cheating in some way. That game is honestly harder, then "The Game that Hates You."

Now, its been over 20 years, and in all honestly, I know someone, somewhere must have beaten the lost levels at some point. But still, as hard as it was? That just takes the fun out of a game. It makes it a chore to win it. Zelda 2 was insanely hard as well. But the difference was, you could gride your level up in that game, and make it easier. It took forever, but you could do it. Nothing made the lost levels easier.

And I will not go in to all the other Zelda and Mario games. Not untill their 3d debute. Its flat out impossible to declae a winner here IMO. Both Mario 64, and Oricania of Time are Masterpieces. Nither of which have been touched, not truely.
Great game, give it a try, and put zogar as your referal to get bonuses to start.

User Info: Zogar20

4 years ago#114
And since then, both series have had ups and downs, and honestly, I don't not feel either has regained their glory days. Thats not to say the games since Mario 64, and Oricania of Time haven't been good. Both series have had simply amazingly stunning games since then. I have loved most of them. They just simply are nnot the glory days.

IMO, both series are over all pure gold. They both have ups, and both have downs. But, Zelda and Mario, have litterally helped to shape my life. These two game series defined my childhood, along with a few others like Sonic, Megaman, Mortal Combat, and Final Fantasy. There are more, but these come to mind first.

IMO, there is no way to truely judge which is best, they both(all those I listed and many many more) effected and changed my life forever, be it for good or ill. And not just mine, it happened for countless youths, born in the (very)late 60's, 70's, and 80's. We are the gaming generation. And these are the games(along with countless others) that shaped us in to who we are now.

Games are evolving, constantly nowadays, changing every year. New things happen all the time, and last year could be considered "Too old" by some. And in all honestly, taking off my Nostliga goggles, games over all have improved greatly(not all, there are always exceptions to a rule.)

And growing up now would truly be amazing, with everything they having coming out. But I wouldn't trade when I was born for anything. I feel, I got to grow up with a golden age of games being born in the mid 80's.

And more then that, having grown up then, and started with the early stages of the gaming industry, I feel our generation is in an unique position. We have had the pleasure of growing up with the gaming industry. We started at its roots, and are getting to see everything new as it comes out.

Better then those who were alread in their mid to late teens in the begining, as they didn't devolpe a full apperication of the gaming culture. And better then those in their mid to late teens now, as we can fully understand gamings roots and how it started, and as such, more fully appericate where gaming has gone.

We are the gaming generation, and can appericate and love it in ways no other generation ever will be able to fully understand. It belongs to us, in a way it will never belong to anyone else in history.
Great game, give it a try, and put zogar as your referal to get bonuses to start.

User Info: Lemmywinks13

4 years ago#115
Wow...how have I not blocked this dude yet? lol It's like he has a full time job bashing Nintendo...I love Nintendo, but I will bash them if I get paid for it. How much bro?

User Info: Rennik Repotsir

Rennik Repotsir
4 years ago#116
Wait... I liked NSMB because it has Mario? Here I thought it was a fun game to MP on. I guess the laughs from my three friends were all fake. *sob* I guess it's time to breakup with them. :(
The person above suffers from IAD.</post>
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