Which of these game ideas would you like Nintendo to introduce at e3

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User Info: xxxxxn

5 years ago#1
Would you like them to announce
Another sequel to Okami
A sequel to Super Princess Peach where you can play as Daisy that's a lot more challenging than the original
New Kirby
A new Paper Mario that returns to being like TTYD instead of being like Super Paper Mario or Sticker Star
A Super Mario Sunshine Sequel
A 3D Wario game like Mario 64 but with Wario characters
Another company making a sequel to Donkey Kong 64
A Star Fox Adventure sequel but this time done right
A 3D Battletoads game that plays like the legend of zelda

User Info: tav19

5 years ago#2
none of the above.......I'd rather they announce either a brand new IP or a Fatal Frame HD collection featuring all 4 games in the series (as full HD remakes) exclusively for the Wii U(since they.....you know....now own the Fatal Frame series).

User Info: mashu

5 years ago#3
Okami sequel.

User Info: Tsutarja495

5 years ago#4
Out of those choices, I'd pick Mario Sunshine 2. I love the first one.

User Info: shampoowarrior

5 years ago#5
Account system, accomplishments, DVR and Netflix support on TVii.

None of the games in the OP.
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User Info: omniryu

5 years ago#6
None some of those games aren't even made by Nintendo, they have no control over that.

A golden sun Wii u game.
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User Info: Virus66

5 years ago#7
How about no sequels? Why does everyone only want sequels? I want Nintendo to give us a new IP that can compete in the modern gaming world. It's been a while since we saw a new IP that was treated as a AAA release. Sure there have been some new IPs on the 3DS eshop that were pretty good like Dillon's Rolling Western, Crashmo/Pushmo and Sakura Samurai, but they were not big budget games. I want a new expansive adventure game that will rival anything on any other platform.
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User Info: RobotPirteGhost

5 years ago#8
DK64 sequel out of those choices.

Personally I want a Bowser RPG that plays like Fire Emblem or Advance Wars.
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

5 years ago#9
None of the above.

I want a WaveRace U/1080p Snowboarding dual game release. Don't bother redoing the physics AT ALL, just new high res graphics and textures, please. I don't even care if it's download only. I'd still pay full retail.
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User Info: Fire_Plover

5 years ago#10
New IPs.

Maybe some sequels would be ok, especially something like Star Fox, but I want new stuff from Nintendo. I'm sure they've got lots of new ideas, and despite how well each of their IPs are evolving, they are becoming, in a sense, stale. They've got a tried and true formula, and they stick to that. I still love them, and still buy them, but I want something fresh. Where they push gamers, and try some new things. Stuff that can rival some of the 3rd Party series coming out now, stuff like Far Cry 3 (To clarify; I don't mean FPS's [although a new Metroid-esque IP would be sick]. I just mean something on a grand scale, with a sprawling overworld, tons of sidequests, memorable villains, and of epic proportions).
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