Is Mario 64 worth playing now?

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User Info: adampeltz

4 years ago#61
Yes, but please play the N64 version and not the DS version. The whole point of the game is controlling Mario in a 3D environment. The D-pad and 3DS pad don't do the job.

I still play it from time to time.... and it's still amazing. If you like any Mario game, you owe it to yourself to play the N64 classic.
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User Info: promo123

4 years ago#62
I'm convinced, I'll play it after I finish Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Really though, I'm hoping that eventually Mario 64 will get the same HD treatment that the Banjo series got.
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User Info: George Trevor

George Trevor
4 years ago#63
Is Mario 64 worth playing now?

It's still going to be worth playing 100 years from now
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User Info: miraimike

4 years ago#64
Mario 64 was one of the top 10 games of its generation. It's been "surpassed", but so has Final Fantasy VII, yet both are important to understanding gaming. It's definitely a must play title.
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User Info: Great_Pudding_3

4 years ago#65
Phange 2 posted...
Mario 64 DS tricks you into thinking it has better graphics in the following ways:

1. Using character models that are more similar to the modern interpretation of Mario and Co.

2. Simply not drawing distant parts of levels, and significantly reducing environmental geometry virtually everywhere to increase character model poly counts.

3. The game's resolution on N64 is 320x240 with Bilinear texture filtering. The DS is 256x192 and lacks any kind of filtering.

Things Mario 64 DS does wrong that you never think about:

1. Virtually any stage/star that would heavily tax the game's poly count was removed. (At least 10% of the original game's stars were removed and replaced)

2. The extra characters are superfluous. Only a rare few stars require a character other than Mario or Luigi. Yoshi and Wario are both mostly liabilities.

This. The DS version is actually uglier! It's also really hard to control. They also made it so there's a run button instead of pressure controls. Blech...
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User Info: Phange_2

4 years ago#66
Everything about the DS version having "better graphics" than the N64 version is smoke and mirrors, as I said. They removed any stage/star that would've been too taxing on the hardware and the stages that remained were geometrically castrated if you actually compare them side by side.
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