What would make E3 2013 terrible?

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User Info: ZBug_

4 years ago#51
MichaeIPachter posted...
Nintendo need's to announce a Wii U revision that has a good CPU and no gamepad. I tried playing with the gamepad and I didn't know where to look. All I had to show for my time with the Wii U was fatigue and a sore neck.

Then you're body must be physically disabled. The gamepad is just another controller, it's like a giant DS screen, doesn't really do anything crazy. How it could possible take a toll on anyone is beyond me.
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User Info: Gump_the_Great

4 years ago#52
Well, i would like the show not to be stolen by Ubisoft again. There needs to be a big E3 this year from all 3 major companies, mostly cause 2 of the 3 will most likely be showing their next gen gaming device.

Xbox will need more than 1 console exclusive a year to sell their platform, and PS3 needs to show a good launch lineup for their PS4 so people make the jump.

The Wii U NEEDS, NEEEEEEDS a Super Smash Bros game as of right now, on top of a list of both 1st and 3rd party support for their system. I would definitely like to see the announcement of Majora's Mask coming to the 3DS, not like everyone hasn't been asking for it for over 16 months now....

As far as 3rd party goes, EA/Bioware might show off the next game they are working on, probably Dragon Age 3 (hopefully not the next mass effect yet) as well as a need for speed, the inevitable Battlefield 4 reveal, and.... i dunno, a bunch of other EA titles that nobody really cares about.

Ubisoft will give an update on how Watch Dogs is coming, maybe attempt to release another Assassins game this fall (god i hope not), plus show off their garbage stuff like dance dance and whatever.

I don't think i will, but i hope to see more of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes as well as Phantom Pain, but it may not show up.

Then there are the surprises, and i hope there are lots this year.

User Info: melbye80

4 years ago#53
E3 2008 repeat, now in HD

User Info: s2good

4 years ago#54
If the nextbox doesnt get revealed.
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User Info: 801322

4 years ago#55
no coverage by g4

User Info: JohnnyCage2008

4 years ago#56
no booth babes

User Info: DemonicChaosXX

4 years ago#57
No big games.
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User Info: Gamerater66

4 years ago#58
Not showing an SSB4 trailer.

User Info: TeraPatrick2008

4 years ago#59
apple being there

User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#60
kdognumba1 posted...
All 3 major console companies giving us the kind of performance they gave us at E3 2012 and Ubisoft skipping E3 all together.

E3 2012 was horrible, most of the good info wasn't on stage and Ubisoft basically saved all 3 conferences. In the case of Nintendo, they had more content that they COULD of shown off on stage but they DIDN'T, like Castlevania, Wonderful 101, and Zombi U gameplay.

Almost this. Ubisoft skipping E3 would be an improvement because they had the worst presentation of all the companies who held one. Two words: Toby Turner.

Gamers do not want to see that assclown, Ubisoft. Never bring him to a game show again.
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