Iwata Talks Nintendo Wii U Performance and Miiverse

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User Info: DrRM

4 years ago#41
Gencoil posted...
Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a bunch of friends that live nearby, especially those in their late 20's or 30's.

peach please... I live at 10 sec of my work and univ :)

but yeah not everyone have that priv, so sad...
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User Info: Virus66

4 years ago#42
andrea987 posted...
Virus66 posted...
It's online-only freezes. If I'm online, I'll see my console freeze about twice a day. If I'm offline, literally no problems. That's not my console that has an issue.

Did you try tne 'miiverse-english-only' trick? Apparently it worked wonders for some people. I tried it when I was having those freezes, but it didn't do nothing for me. The only other thing I did before not getting anymore freezes was removing completely the youtube app from the menu, only because it was annoying me. Don't know if that's related to my (possible) solution of the problem. Good luck, man.

Sorry to drag this back up but Yes, it was set to English-only since day one. I don't have any of the optional video apps on the console either.
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User Info: GloryChaos

4 years ago#43
Not everyone is fortunate enough to have friends and family who even want to play video games with you.

Of course, every time this is brought up it gets overlooked. If your friends don't live in your vicinity, then they don't exist. Make some new friends who will be willing to play video games with you, you lonely little man.
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User Info: DEKMStephens

4 years ago#44
On the flip side, though, with the newer consoles when I want to play a multiplayer game with a friend, now we BOTH have to buy it (which doesn't generally happen), because of the marketing idea if you make it online co op only you may get two sales. PS3 and 360 have basically adopted this with third party devs, no one makes local co op these days, and it is just bad.
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