Is the direction Nintendo is taking driving modern gaming into the ground?

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  3. Is the direction Nintendo is taking driving modern gaming into the ground?

User Info: Dynheart

5 years ago#61
People are so afraid of change. It's pretty funny.

So many gamer's were going to throw in the towel soon if all you did was sit down with a controller and and stare at a TV... for an other 20 years. Why do you think the Wii was so successful? The petty soccer mom/grand pa excuse wont cut it.

Gamer's are ready for something different. Why do you think this Occulus Rift thing is getting so much buzz? And we gamer's sit here all high and mighty making fun of gimmicks. It's these very things that move things forward. We probably wounlt have the technology we have today without gimmicks.

In short. Gaming was getting stale. Nintendo shook things up, and people accepted it. Now? Gaming will forever will be changed; console gaming anyway. Because of that breakthrough, developers are getting bold now. We have VR on the way...again.

It's good to be a gamer. Only closed minded people would be complaining right now.
Currently suffering Final Fantasy XIII-2

User Info: GLDanzego

5 years ago#62
Beatperson14 posted...

A company that only makes games can't do much. Nintendo not only has a role in the market but has that rabid base as well, which is a powder keg with Nintendo's current ideals.

I see. So are you actually suggesting that if third parties completely cut off support for one of the upcoming consoles from Sony or MS (who aren't in the unique position Nintendo has built themselves into), the platform could still survive and thrive?

Do you believe that one third party with a key franchise or franchises made exclusive to a system can't be a catalyst behind a platform's massive success (one example of which is the arrival of Square's FFVII for the original Playstation in Japan, at which point the system completely took off)?

Do you believe that a software company can't almost single handedly prop up a dying PC market, eventually leading to its revival AND becoming the major player in the digital download market, like Valve did with Steam?

It sounds to me like you have a LOT to learn about the history of the videogame industry.


User Info: Ambassador_Kong

5 years ago#63
Beatperson14 posted...
Let me say I'm not someone here just to bash Nintendo or the U--I was just expecting more from both. I remember when I first got my SNES and Mario games as a kid. Remember loving the Gamecube and Sunshine. Do you remember what people said about them? Does Nintendo? Most people thought the Gamecube had the best graphics despite the hardware shortcomings that wouldn't allow for much improvement. I remember owning all three, saying PS2 had the best games, Xbox had the best system, and GC had the best graphics. Now, this would be quite easy to fix... Match the hardware next gen. Somewhere along the line though, Nintendo decided to change gaming itself so that it could prosper. Now that it worked, the rabid fanboys gladly snap at anything in sight, and they know this. They could sell you a blanket wrapped around a ball and tell you to play a REAL game. This real game involves MOTION CONTROL VOICE-ACTIVATED BALL POWER. Also known as catch. Gaming needs hardware to be in the same ballpark so multiplats are big and wide, and the focus remains on who has the best games, not graphics or power. This is when exclusives shine as well, and Nintendo would shine from this. If they dropped all the -NEW- gimmicks, they wouldn't have to worry about how their ball applies to the game. They'd worry about the game. Am I wrong?

No. Modern gaming has been driven into the ground by American gamers who will not play any game that does not feature a floating gun and Deathmatch co-op. Nintendo, who has never embraced Mature Titles (and by Mature I mean F*bomb riddled, head shot bloodbaths) has actually been the only force that has attempted to keep true gaming alive for the last decade.
First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. by Mahatma Gandhi.

User Info: GLDanzego

5 years ago#64

As an addendum to my previous reply a couple of posts back, I'll also add publishers and games that have created massive trends or have changed the face of the such as EA and the Madden series (and, well, sports games, in general), Square and the Final Fantasy series, Sony Online Entertainment (a game only division of the Sony conglomerate) and Everquest, Rockstar and a little game known as GTA III, Activision publishing Guitar, the list goes on and on!

"A company that only makes games can't do much", you say? There are many huge driving forces in the industry besides Nintendo and certainly more than just hardware manufacturers. At the risk of sounding fanboyish (which I am definitely not), your little Nintendo hate thread here is wrong.

User Info: cavebear56

5 years ago#65

Now the PS3 and 360, yes.

Huge budget games (otherwise known as AAA) with mediocre gameplay are what is driving modern gaming into the ground.

Huge budgets do not make a game automatically "good".

Now let the HBDF enter and create a "well theoretically...." card. Sadfully, the theory isn't the reality. Sorry kiddos.

Nintendo seems to be driving it in a different direction but most certainly not into the ground.
If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.

User Info: darkqueenhelba

5 years ago#66
how long before you quit talking about this bs? Really, that's all these topics are, bs. And it really doesn't matter what platform/company we're talking about. The context of these "discussions" is bs through and through.
My response to trolls; GET A JOB!!!
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