What game would you pay $200 for?

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User Info: geneticsftw

5 years ago#81

User Info: Cecil255

5 years ago#82
mjc0961 posted...
TC didn't even respond to the question the way TC intended. Specifices "what GAME would you pay $200 for" and then says "Metroid Prime Trilogy" which is not a game. It's a bundle of 3 games.

Well, I said Metal Gear Solid HD Collection which is also a bundle of games. But, still think it can count as a single release... it's not technically a single game, I'd give you that.

btw I'm surprised at how many people think ~"no game is worth $200". If you own 20, 30+ games... would you rather keep your all-time favorite game or trade in ~5 crappy ones which may be worth close to if not more than $200? I don't think it's that crazy.

Obviously no developer is going to sell their game for $200, it's all hypothetical. And for the people who said Nintendo World Championship I don't think resell value has anything to do with the question. I think it's about what game is worth $200 to play. I didn't come up with the original question but I think people are missing what TC was trying to get at.

User Info: Rebel_G

5 years ago#83
Symphony of the Night 2

Mega Man X9

Full version console releases only. No handhelds, no fan games, etc.
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User Info: TeraPatrick2008

5 years ago#84
Toukon Retsuden 5

User Info: TeraPatrick2008

5 years ago#85
..... and

Final Fantasy VI-2

User Info: TJSpyke

5 years ago#86
MR_Smarty_Pants posted...
No game worth $200 would be made on the Wii U. Sadly it's too weak. :(

Wow, 2nd reply for a troll comment. Wii U can easily play any game on other systems.

Anyways, NO game is ever worth $200 (unless it comes with a $150 gift card).
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User Info: FlyinTonite

5 years ago#87
Id pay 200 for a steel battalion game for pc
Apathetic since I don't care when.
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User Info: spyeater

5 years ago#88
I wouldn't pay $200 for any game on any system. Ever.

User Info: gameboygrey

5 years ago#89
paid just below $200 for a new factory sealed copy of Phantasy Star Online Episode I&II plus for gamecube. that was probably the only game i would ever spendthat much on but if Morrowind wasnt so easy to "find" for pc I would probably pay a similar price for an xbox copy.
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User Info: Limbic

5 years ago#90
the crying game
Paid DLC at release = end of games.
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