Will wii u get mature rpgs?

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User Info: DarkBlade2

4 years ago#41
ShadowSkill11 posted...

SMT: Persona 3(enhanced on Vita)

Just popped in to say that this one was devolved for the PSP, not enhanced for the Vita.

User Info: Stefan1277

4 years ago#42
So wait... it needs a "mature" rpg that you also have to agree with? good night everyone.
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User Info: SniperNightOwl

4 years ago#43
"real men like myself"

Stating your opinion =/= Trolling. Deal with it. Get over it. And stop whining.

User Info: SolKarellen

4 years ago#44
Persona 4 has as much friendship "nonsense" as the supposed "kiddy" RPG. Selective focus, huh?
"There'd come a time when life'd pull us apart. S'not a reason to avoid people."

User Info: peki_zg

4 years ago#45
ShadowSkill11 posted...

Every somewhat modern Megaten game released on a Nintendo system since the NES has been a spinoff. The only exception is SMT4 for the 3DS coming in a year or two.

SMT: Strange Journey on DS is a part of the main series. It just isn't a numbered one(like SMT:if on snes).
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