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User Info: JustWinBaby510

4 years ago#1
So I really want to play some old school games like Metroid, Zelda etc but I'm not sure if I want to buy them on the Wii dashboard or should I wait until they release on Wii U's Nintendo eShop?

User Info: hellbringher

4 years ago#2
Yes and no.

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User Info: DiscostewSM

4 years ago#3
They'll do Wii U VC at some point, but the question many of us have is will they shift our purchased VC titles from Wii to Wii U mode for free, or at a cost, or will Wii U VC be completely separate from Wii VC? I'm seriously hoping for the first option (because there really is no reason not to), but until they say something, we are left in the dark. - Lazer Light Studios - Home of the MM2 PTC project
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