Wii U sold only 20,000 units last week in Japan.

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User Info: Panner

4 years ago#51
PillyChickle posted...
Panner posted...
The PS3 sold 22000 so wiiU's 20000 isn't so bad. Yes I'm sure everyone would like it to do better, but it's not doing bad at all.

Not sure if serious...

I'm very serious.
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User Info: Ambassador_Kong

4 years ago#52
Wow, who would ever guess that console sales would slow in January. I mean it isn't like there was a huge buying season last month and people are now trying to figure out how to pay the bills?

But, but, but.... 2006 and 2007.

Yes, 2006 and 2007 when the world was still swimming in the illusory riches of a housing bubble before it popped. When people had all sorts of stupid money to spend on things that didn't matter.

Yes, who would have guessed that an economic recession and close to 10% (real) unemployment would have a negative effect on the purchase of luxury items.

People that compare the economic present to the past as if conditions never change, got gutted by the housing crash. It's like people that say the Vita will survive because..... Sony. The past is no indicator of the present. It's foolish to use 2006 and 2007 as a yardstick of anything.

It's possible, but highly unlikely, that the WiiU will fail. This will make the trolls cry, but it is true nonetheless. Nintendo has way too much money (about 26 years of salaries without making a single penny) in the bank and a brand recognition that has become iconic. Everyone knows Mario and everyone knows pokemon.

The chances of Nintendo leaving the console industry are about as great as Disney getting out of movies, Microsoft getting out of computers, and Coke getting out of soft drinks.

It isn't going to happen because Nintendo has enough money to make the WiiU a success regardless of what the trolls might think. Want proof? Look at the 3DS.
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User Info: ShiftyCat

4 years ago#53
I don't care what anyone says. Don't release a console until you have a significant hit coming out every month. The start of a launch has to carry the momentum. I'd rather wait even longer for a launch just not to have a drought. Droughts bring bad press.

3DS should have released when Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land came out. It's had steady games flowing since then. Developers would have had decent games ready because they knew system sales would be up with those Nintendo developed titles.

I have a Wii U and I'm having flashbacks to the 3DS launch. I know Nintendo is cooking games, but hell, at least show announce games/show media in the meantime. Pikmin is not enough and never will be. (i do like pikmin)

Also if Nintendo's so rich, and can supposedly take a loss for 50 years. Then spend double the amount on development. Have double the amount of teams. Crank out those games to the max. Go big or go home. No excuse to not have a new Earthbound, Starfox, Metroid/other forgotten games. They could not sell as well but if you have that much money go for it so you can at least say we have new, compelling software no one else has. Let Pokemon pay the bills.

I work at Walmart and i could run Nintendo better.
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User Info: guttertalk

4 years ago#54
ShiftyCat posted...

I have a Wii U and I'm having flashbacks to the 3DS launch. I know Nintendo is cooking games, but hell, at least show announce games/show media in the meantime. Pikmin is not enough and never will be. (i do like pikmin)


There is an initial 3DS feel in a way, although I was playing DSiware and DS games, so that helped. I wish Wiiware was more accessible than through the emulated mode.

I'm looking forward to The Cave (multiplat) next week. And I'm playing Skylanders with my daughter. Rayman Legends and Aliens are next month. But I'd love to see at least one of Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 3, or even Tomb Raider for March, though it's not going to happen. Wonderful 101 looks fun but I don't expect it to be very deep.

User Info: Gdboyratedloud

4 years ago#55
Kitt Thrust posted...
From: BonezWell | Posted: 1/16/2013 8:19:53 AM | #002
Worst week of the year has arrived again. Always gigantic drops after the holidays are over
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User Info: darknight06

4 years ago#56
A lot of people don't seem to get that no matter what Nintendo did with the 3DS, there would've always been a problem. It wouldn't have been as simple as more first party launch titles, all that would've done was make it so third parties wouldn't want anything to do with it. What they actually did was let third parties have the launch, yet they're still complaining about lack of sales and instead of taking responsibility for it and making better games they still dropped the platform.

Nintendo just seriously needs to get out of the Sony/Microsoft/entitled Third Party rat race. Make no mistake, Nintendo's goal is to have everything on their platforms. The problem for them is that the industry doesn't want another unstoppable NES and GB and is doing everything in their power to prevent it. They need to realize that they'll never see those days again, and just work on building up their own stable of exclusive games and developers, as that's what will sell the system before anything else.

The rest of the industry can die off as far as I'm concerned. They've outlived their usefulness about 7 years ago. Many of them aren't even just a shell of their former selves.
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User Info: Drumguy

4 years ago#57
Oh look. This topic.
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