GamePad drawing secrets?

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User Info: BreakmanDX

4 years ago#1
No, seriously. I know some people just dedicate themselves, their skill and a lot of time to making the really amazing art we all come across in the main Wii U plaza and various Miiverse groups etc., which is especially impressive given the very, VERY limited tools at our disposal at this time. But often I notice several things that look like they'd be completely impossible with the pixel-perfect precision and insane amount of time thatd be required, just for some simple effects. Namely:

- Pefectly straight lines over a large area;
- A pixel-by-pixel black/white checkerboard pattern to create a 'grey' 3rd color, and/or similar pixel-by-pixel 'gradient' effects;
- Absolutely perfect squares, circles etc. of various sizes;
and so on.

So pretty much, is it --

A) There are some super secret special 'hidden options' in the official drawing interface's own UI, besides just a pen and an eraser of three different sizes?
B) Are they using some ind of third-party tool you'd need to hack your Wii in some capacity to use? (This seems the most likely, though I'm not sure exactly how it'd really work..)
C) Do people actually painstakingly do the above things and more, even without the most basic luxuries lie an undo button? (I find this so unlikely I'd need video proof before even beginning to believe it)

Just wondering.

User Info: miraimike

4 years ago#2
Good question. There are a lot of artists whose primary medium is a tablet. Maybe that's why?
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User Info: lil_mocchi

4 years ago#3
put on your metal gear, prepare to take your mark ive got mad game like up up down down left right left right B A select start

User Info: Board_hunter567

4 years ago#4
Just taking a guess here, but for straight lines and the like I'd imagine you can just use a piece of cardboard or something.

User Info: Castleman2

4 years ago#5
I do straight lines free hand, and just erase the pixels that are off the line. As for the grey, i have no clue how they do such a thing. Kinda interesting
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User Info: hellbringher

4 years ago#6
Here is what you do. Go ask your mom and dad why they can't draw.
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User Info: niels200683

4 years ago#7

Draw, erase, draw, erase... the eraser is your undo - really...

Straight lines is not much of a problem, just play trauma center long enough and you'll get a more steady hand...

The grey, well - that takes a lot of patience, yes... I don't have that patience either
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User Info: StarBladeEdge

4 years ago#8
i was wondering this too

i draw a lot but on this little thing ...??
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User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#9
Here a strait line trick.

Tap and hold the stylus on a part of the screen. Now take out another stylus and tap another section of the screen. It will draw a line halfway between the two point. If you lift the original stylus before the the second it will make a full line between points. I don't find it all that useful but it is there.

User Info: niels200683

4 years ago#10
StarBladeEdge posted...
i was wondering this too

i draw a lot but on this little thing ...??

I draw a lot more on 3DS (Colors! 3D) - you'd be amazed what people can draw on the little 3DS screen.
Nintendo Wii: Putting the 'p' in 'Epic'.
-Curse all these sock-eating gnomes!-
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