Nintendo hasan't had a amazing console since snes

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User Info: Murderstorm117

4 years ago#1
That was nintendo at its peak I mean Chrono Trigger graced that system the greatest rpg of all time. Ever since those days it been all down hill lets face it theres simply too much competition for nintendo now. Developers want to be pushing the boundaries of gaming with new technology and lets face it nintendo has never had strong hardware capabilities.

User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#2
"I think there will be a price drop at the latest by E3. I'd even bet my account on it." Icecreamdunwich

User Info: CrystalKing5426

4 years ago#3
N64, GCN, GBA, and DS beg to differ. None are as good as the SNES, but are still great.
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User Info: miraimike

4 years ago#4
I seem to remember a system that had Mario Sunshine, Eternal Darkness, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid, Zelda: WindWaker, and Smash Bros Melee on it.
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User Info: Buretsu

4 years ago#5
Their handhelds have been amazing. Their consoles, not so much. (Do I really need to say IMO?)
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User Info: Icecreamdunwich

4 years ago#6
Agreed, Chrono Trigger is one of the best games of all time. Actually many SNES games are.
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User Info: geneticsftw

4 years ago#7
Definitely near the top for me too.

User Info: krillens

4 years ago#8
n64: ocarina, starfox, goldeneye, ssb, some snowboard game(1080 something?), some space game where you killed ant aliens, mario, star wars(both rogue squadron and the launch game).. it was an amazing console, oh, and harvest moon

GC: ssb, all the mario sports/racing, moar rogue squadron, pikmin, wind waker

Wii... okay, ill agree with you, not amazing. im not a graphics whore, but i am a HD whore, and even with games like zelda, i cant stand watching 480p

wiiU.. its crap, right now, but its early, i have hope

conclusion: your wrong

User Info: HeaderHog

4 years ago#9
For the space game where you killed aliens, it was Perfect Dark.
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User Info: DarthFloaty

4 years ago#10
Cool opinion and spelling.

My favorite was probably the Gamecube. Second would be the N64. Out of the others, none have really grabbed me as perfectly epicly awesome, although I've enjoyed every Nintendo machine I've ever owned. Although the 3DS is shaping up to rival the N64!
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