How many people that followed Wii U from the start are still having delusions?

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User Info: GAMER_X

4 years ago#1
I'm just curious about how many people here are still having their heads in the sand lying to themselves about the reality of the system, despite the poor rushed initial E3 unveil, the poor following E3 the next year, the tons of writing on the wall from anonymous devs on neogaf and other sites about the poorly though out architecture and bad timing of release, the tons of writing on the wall from NON anonymous devs about both of those issues, and other misc common sense facts that show it was poorly thought out, and rushed to market.

For me, initially I was very excited for the Wii U. Though even right off the bat, I could see where devs, and the gaming media and public where coming from when they called it out for seeming like it was riding on a very poor 'too little too late' gimmick. Then everything just went downhill from there, more devs spoke anonymously or just flat out said on the record it had a terrible architecture, or like the Wii, was really only designed FOR nintendo BY nintendo, and would cost any 3rd party looking to port way too much to bring a game based on the CPU heavy coded PS3 and 360. Plus added to that the fact that since the Wii only Nintendo really makes money on their platform or makes their money back, Nintendo console owners tend to not support 3rd party games and the sales data supports this fact 100%. Devs these days need to break over 2 million or more to recoup dev costs and turn a profit, if not more. When factoring in the added cost to have to rework a 360 or PS3 game to go from a CPU based system to a weak CPU and more GPU based, it creates a situation where theres no incentive because Nintendo refuses to pay for exclusives or pay devs to bring a port to the system given the added burden of cost and low chance of sales for 3rd parties.

So is anyone still deluding themselves about these facts?:

1. 3rd parties primarily develop on PS3 and 360, two systems that are fairly similar in that games are built from the ground up to be CPU intensive.

2. Wii U is already confirmed to have a weak CPU with a different architecture that makes porting too much work to justify bringing anything to the system for just about any publisher, especially with the issues of Nintendos continued (unfortunately) arrogance towards 3rd parties and poor toolset/devtool support that makes porting/developing a game cost more time and thus, money than it needs to or should, which cuts into any money they might recoup in sales, and turning a profit on a Nintendo platform ever since the Wii has proved to be next to no chance since 3rd party games do not sell on Nintendo platforms well enough to accomplish that.

3. The Wii U is simply a repeat of the Wii in terms of strategy. It is not a 'Next Gen' console. Its current gen hardware and can only match current gen games visuals, and even then it requires insane optimization and extra work due to the backwards architecture compared to PS3 and 360. This only happened due to Nintendos greed, because it allows them to reap more profits per console sold, at the consumers expense.

4. Outside of the confirmed launch window games, there will literally be next to no 3rd party support from the big name publishers. Due to reasons 1 and 2, and also due to teams having to devote any extra time outside of ps3/360/pc development to the games they are making on 720/PS4. And obviously Wii U will not see those titles either because its going to end up weaker and again, because 3rd party doesnt sell how it needs to in order to justify supporting the platform.

5. The life time of the Wii U will be a repeat of the Wii, with a small trickle of Nintendo 1st party games, spread over many many years, with long period of software droughts. Like right now.

Can anyone deny this at this point? Or are people still indulging in their own fantasies still.
Guardian Gamer X
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User Info: shaunme

4 years ago#3

all of the above.
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User Info: BettyUboa

4 years ago#4
yeah consoles are all p bad, computer is where its at

never understood peoples facination with paper weights that cant play any good games, but i guess their all good for kids
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User Info: StarBladeEdge

4 years ago#5
boy ...get a job ...and don't tell me you already work
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User Info: GAMER_X

4 years ago#7
I forgot one other important variable

6. On top of all the other cons to bringing a game to Wii U, is Nintendo forcing their own agenda to strategically hold back advertising/announcing games in order to drive up their console sales right when the stockholders **** the bed over sales being kinda low. This is the real reason for the embargo on devs not being able to announce/advertise/reveal their games in advance. And it only benefits nintendo at the developer and publishers expense, and lowers the amount of exposure a publisher game can get, and in turn, can negatively affect already guaranteed low sales due to Nintendos install bases almost exclusively buying nintendo games and only nintendo games. Devs like to announce their games years in advance and continually hype them. Nintendos forced self serving agenda jive with this and just adds to a mountain of reasons devs are turned off from bothering with the Wii U.
Guardian Gamer X
"CE's verbal cruelty is only matched by an eight-armed robot beating multiple baby seals."-PursuitandTie

User Info: NiftyManZ

4 years ago#8
I am excited about the future of the wiiu and am enjoying mine greatly right now. And 15 games is more than enough for me. Then again, I plan on getting another system, with a similar amount of games.
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User Info: jakestar0306

4 years ago#9
I was never having delusions to begin with, so I don't have any now.
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User Info: 40Dribylf

4 years ago#10
Do you really not have anything better to with your time other type obnoxiously long essays about something that really does not matter in life?

The Wii U is a fun console that will have fun games. Same with the PS4. Same with the next Xbox (although I'm avoiding them until I see some exclusives)

The last three consoles offered hours of entertainment and it will the same with the new ones, including the Wii U. Simple. Now move on with your uneventful life.
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  3. How many people that followed Wii U from the start are still having delusions?

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