How many people that followed Wii U from the start are still having delusions?

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User Info: themoth2112

4 years ago#51
I get releasing games from third parties on the system, but why multiplats that were made for ps3/360? It's not like they are the same gen.
You wouldn't expect nintendo DS to be porting games to psp easily would you?

Anyway, I love my wii u. I love the games, the eshop and miiverse.
If you don't like it, that's ok.
But it's kind of weird/rude to just rant about how bad someone's purchase is if they are happy with it.

Tldr- do you have a Wii u?

User Info: teamaquashock

4 years ago#52
40Dribylf posted...
Do you really not have anything better to with your time other type obnoxiously long essays about something that really does not matter in life?

The Wii U is a fun console that will have fun games. Same with the PS4. Same with the next Xbox (although I'm avoiding them until I see some exclusives)

The last three consoles offered hours of entertainment and it will the same with the new ones, including the Wii U. Simple. Now move on with your uneventful life.
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User Info: teknic1200

4 years ago#53
only the trolls.

my xbox hurts my eyes when I try to play it now.
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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#54
Rasputin77 posted...

While you actually have a point about emotions and what not on forums this topic from the start was baiting for a negative reaction and I will admit if TV was speaking his mind and presented the topic in another way I would think nothing of it. Sure it would still be speculation but it would be respectable.

The problem is though is the wording and more do the use of "delusions" as in TC would ignore any counter point and honestly it is really insulting to an opposing side. And I will admit that I am an idiot for falling for troll topics but really I find spreading speculation as fact not the best thing to do, even more so speaking your mind and insulting others
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User Info: Luthor_

4 years ago#55
From: teknic1200 | #253
only the trolls.

my xbox hurts my eyes when I try to play it now.

Oh my, this must be a joke.

User Info: Ampharos64

4 years ago#56
sonicsonic posted...
I know people who buy a console only for one game. Some buy a console for COD others I know for Tales of

Guilty as charged. XD Two to date, a 360 for Vesperia and just got a PSP for Eternia. Tales is the only series I'll really do that for, though.

crondizzle posted...
at least Nintendo actually has good exclusive games, PS3 and Xbox don't have anything but shooters. It's a matter of opinion.... I've had PS3 for years and never cared for ANY of the exclusives, yet kids will sing the praises of God of War, uncharted, GTA, red dead redemption, etc, i don't enjoy ANY of those games, i'd rather play Twilight Princess 5 times over again than play any of those.

I don't enjoy those types of games either, but none of the games I own for my PS3 are shooters, I've been happier with its exclusives than the Wii's, myself. I think a lot of Nintendo fans might well enjoy games like Little Big Planet, Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of Graces f (indeed, the original version is a Wii game), Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD, or Ni no Kuni. I'm sure this isn't really the case for you and you were just exaggerating to make a point since you do own a PS3, but honestly when Nintendo fans criticise the other systems for things like this I wonder if they've actually properly looked at the games available for them. I was guilty of this myself, until I realised that, hang on, my favourite Wii game, Okami, was originally a PS2 game. Didn't that mean there might be more good games on the other systems than I'd been willing to admit? That was when I decided to get a (BC) PS3, my first non-Nintendo console. Definitely changed my perspective. I think more Nintendo fans should at least consider what's available on the other systems, not just dismiss them out of hand.

User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#57
Kenichi34 posted...
People seem to forget that almost EVERY system after launch struggles during its first year or so. Why do people only blow the whistle when it happens to Nintendo?

Because they desperately want Nintendo to fail with every ounce of their being. Very few people hate Sony or Microsoft with the same degree of fervour.

It's likely out of fear that Nintendo's success will totally annihilate Sony and Microsoft, since they've chosen to go in a different direction, and by every possible measure it's working while Sony and Microsoft's approach is not. - Watch me beat "NES Die Hard" - My backloggery

User Info: Tauro_Fc

4 years ago#58
People have delusions about the wiiU. So what?

User Info: GAMER_X

4 years ago#59
djprofessork1 posted...

If you have money to burn, and don't care about blowing 300 bucks or more on essentially a paperweight that will only get like 15 AAA 1st party games with any meat to them in its six year life, thats great and I hope you have fun with that.

You don't need to come in here and spin fiction about how the system is more than that though. Go enjoy your Wii U then.

15 AAA first party games? That sounds amazing to me. Wii only had like, 4 in its lifetime.

Besides, the amount of "AAA" games is meaningless, you're just judging them based on review scores. I don't give a sh*t if IGN and Gamespot think Halo and COD are AAA, i still don't want to play them. I'd rather play one Zelda game and one Mario game over 50 of your "AAA" xbox and ps games.

also, I own a gaming pc, so 95% of xbox/ps games are useless to me.

Honestly I pulled the number 15 out of my ass. And while it does seem high for a 'Wii' platform, that only figures out to like, 2.5 games per year if the console ends up having a 6 year life span. And thats still terrible as hell. I would hope the system gets AT LEAST this much:

1. A 3D mario that embraces 64s open levels, with actual production values and not ****ty graphics under a 'art style' excuse
2. An HD Zelda that isn't cut corners on the second half of the game like Wind Waker and SS, with tons of mini games and such
3. An HD Metroid in the prime vein style of games
4. Another Metroid in that style. Come on, its six ****in years, gamecube and gamecube 1.5 got 3 of them.
5. An HD Starfox (or TWO)
6. An HD F Zero (or TWO)
7. An HD Animal Crossing that isn't still fugly n64 geometry and graphics
8. Another 3d HD Mario? Wii got 2 ****in galaxy games in 6 years, get crackin nintendo
9. A smash bros game that doesnt just recycle the Brawl engine (though thats what we're getting, they already said 'we already have the engine in brawl', ugh...)
10. Xenoblade HD, with better textures and maybe better geometry?
11. A new game of the same size and scope of Xenoblade from Monolith
12. A new first party IP that doesnt suck ass and is fairly in depth, long and not babby-ish?
13. A new Monster Hunter built from the ground up for a Wii U/PS3/360 tier console, HD textures and geometry that isn't ported from a ****in PS2 or 3DS game. The one coming in march is such a rehashed joke its ****ing pitiful (I know MH is capcom, but it seems like Nintendos at least has MH secured from capcom, if nothing else)
14. A new Mario RPG that isn't ugly lazy graphics and dumbed down gameplay like sticker star. More like SMRPG on snes in HD
15. I can't even think of anything else, Nintendo hardly has any IPs, and the ones they do have they ignore a hell of alot

Nintendo really needs to stop pushing 3rd party away with their idiotic choices and policies, or needs to get out of the hardware business and go 3rd party themselves. They don't do remotely enough meaningful games with their IPs that arent casual shovelware or party games, and as a result they cannot expect consumers to throw away 300 bucks and sit on their hands for six years while a painfully slow trickle of games comes out that are worth a damn. Its just insanity.
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User Info: pusho

4 years ago#60
BettyUboa posted...
yeah consoles are all p bad, computer is where its at

never understood peoples facination with paper weights that cant play any good games, but i guess their all good for kids

yeah you are so mature cause of your pc gaming
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